How to make homemade shampoo (regular / frequent use) with Castille Soap

o     As a natural shampoo for avoiding harmful chemicals in commercial shampoos. It is also safe for your face and the rest of your body
o     It can be stored over extended periods and used for frequent / regular use. Earlier entries on homemade shampoo recipes using fresh ingredients (like aloe, okras, etc) have a considerably shorter shelf life.

o     1 tbsp liquid natural soap (pure, natural and, if possible, unscented)
·  Natural with no preservatives or detergents
o     1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
o     up to 20 drops Lavender oil (for fragrance)
·  very fragrant, very healing for your scalp.
·  Ask for ‘Lavandula angustifolia
·  This is a great oil with which to start making shampoos because it mixes well with various other essential oils that promote healthy hair and scalp. In short, you could from the list of oils based on your particular concern.
o     3/4 cup filtered water
·  Do NOT use tap water since its impurities may create chemical reactions with the other ingredients
o     a bottle (for storage)

1.  Add the olive oil, lavender oil and water to the liquid natural soap
2.  Pour your new shampoo into a bottle
3.  Wash and style your hair as usual

o     The lather is not as thick as that of commercial shampoos. It has a velvety, more slippery consistency. This is because the natural soap does not have synthetic foaming agents or thickeners
o     My hair felt silky and smooth

Choose essential oils according to your age and concerns. Subscribe for our upcoming entry with more details and ideas.


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