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We are Mr and Miss C. We want to introduce ourselves. We want to explain why we changed our approach to health and wellbeing to being more natural and holistic. If you have similar aspirations, we hope that experiences and information that we and others share in this forum can make your transition easier, faster, safer and even cheaper.

My personal experience.
Just before making the big change in my life, people would have considered me healthy … or at least, healthy looking. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am also genetically predisposed to look athletic even without having to work for it as an athlete. So I never appeared to have problems associated with weight or fat. Quite apart from that, I did all of what I thought were the right things. Like many other people, I went to a store, bought and diligently used personal care products that made my hair shine, my skin smooth, my teeth glisten and so on. I never missed dental appointments and visited doctors when ill. If I saw an advertisement about some health wonder, I often bought it. So physically on the outside, I looked great.

On the non-physical side, I received well above-average performance reviews in my professional and higher education endeavors. So I figured that I must have been very healthy.

However, what did not make sense was that I started to feel so drained that even a long get-away weekend of rest could not relieve. That feeling developed into malaise. I could not even identify a single source of discomfort to say to a doctor, ‘this or that hurts really badly’ as a reasonable explanation.

I was uncomfortable but figured that I could make myself comfortable by becoming even more focused through self-motivation. So I persevered by pushing myself. Eventually, I started to realize that I was getting progressively slower and needed to expend more time and effort to achieve the same result. The feeling became so overwhelming that I had no choice but to realize that my state of health was not acceptable.
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Fortunately, I had the resources to do very in-depth blood analyses. The sobering result was that, despite appearances, bombs were ticking away. Specifically, I had a ‘high’ population of mature microscopic parasites in my blood, toxic bowel conditions, low enzyme activity, ‘high pancreatic stress’ and heavy metal deposits, to name a few highlighted points. Apart from this, there were all kinds of other pollutants in my blood (from hair and skin products). Surprisingly to me, despite my tall and slim look, I was 14 pounds over my ideal weight and above my ideal body fat composition level to the extent that I was very close to predetermined level that could place me at increased risk of degenerative diseases.

I was told that, had I not chosen to make changes to my life, I will have gotten aches and pains without being able to make their connection with my bad habits. For example, it was explained to me that parasites can eventually migrate to different parts of the body, including vital organs, even the brain.
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Initially, the high amount of aluminum was a surprise to me. I thought that I had been so health conscious and was doing enough. After all, when I had previously learnt that high levels of aluminum are related to Alzheimer’s disease, I began to use the expensive commercial non-aluminum deodorants and thrown out all aluminum kitchen implements.

It took me some weeks after doubting the results to remember that my daily meals was in restaurants (low and even high end) that were not as conscientious as me. I more recently learnt that the air in many places that I frequented has high levels of aluminum and the fluoride in water and so many popular products helps to absorb aluminum.

It is difficult to see friends and colleagues whose life styles expose them unnecessarily to illness. Like me prior to the changes, they may take multivitamins and exercise and are not ill in bed. So they believe that they are doing everything well enough. They think that a more natural life style is not worth it because it is too costly, time-consuming and requires too much difficult research to get right.

What you have said is not surprising. Apart from our personal situation, there is a continuous rise in the incidence of debilitating illnesses. Doctors are also finding that even very young people in their teens, 20s and 30s have already begun to get ill in ways that had previously been associated with much older people. In reality, every aspect of our lives is exposed to chemical and other harmful pollutants.

Actually, I read recently that The American Cancer Society estimates a 41% probability that an individual will develop cancer in his / her lifetime (or die from it). That is a very high probability. Those kinds of statistics make me realize that, despite the grimness of my results, my results could have been a lot worse. So, from that point, I embarked on an internal cleansing program. Afterwards, I felt the best that I could remember. I felt more alert and had more energy. To my surprise, I was calmer and more able to handle stressful life situations. It was amazing.

After seeing such fantastic health improvements from that cleansing program, our underlying belief for all of the changes that we made is that our bodies need as clean and natural an environment inside and out to enable their innate ability to not only coordinate multiple complex functions but also to actively resist illness and even heal themselves. Miss C’s personal case suggests that, what is often considered “normal” in terms of lifestyle, eating practices and even medicines is often too unnatural to work harmoniously with our internal ecology. Our so-called ‘normal’ practices can be harmful.

Miss C’s program that you did was excellent but prohibitively expensive. So when our financial circumstances changed and we could no longer afford to pursue that program at a time when we unfortunately slumped back into some of our old bad habits (either through our ignorance, laziness or exposure to circumstances or environments over which we had no control), we started to do research and learnt that we could achieve much of the same results on our own … but at a fraction of the cost.

Many ‘harmful practices’ are so popular and part of the culture and daily routine that we often cannot even identify them. That is a problem in itself. So, part of our mission here is to first identify some of these practices. More importantly however, we will discuss the alternative practices.

We choose alternative practices on the basis of our better understanding of our bodies, how they work, and how the old practices fell short or failed us. We believe that these alternatives will allow our bodies to function closer to their full potential in protecting and curing us and, in turn, giving us much better general health and wellbeing.

It is so easy to miss the damage done because the effects are hardly ever recognizable right away. Rather than having an immediate, firing-squad kind of effect in which you do something harmful in one minute and in the next, you are dying on the floor, the dangers were more like a very patient sniper who stealthily deploys forces and then waits for a striking opportunity when you are at your weakest.

[Chuckles] You make it sound like a war.

Well, when you really think about the facts that you are fighting against pollutants in your environment, the chemicals in what you put in and around you, limitations placed on your body that prevent you to use all of the nutrients even when you have good food, you are indeed fighting a protracted but largely unnoticed life and death battle, you cannot help but consider it a war.

All jokes aside! There is really a war of sorts going on inside our bodies between opposing forces. One good example is that there are different types of bacteria in our digestive tract. Some people call them ‘bad’ bacteria because if they outnumber the good bacteria, the consequences can be detrimental to our health. The wonderful thing about this situation however is that we can choose to take control. We can prevent the overpopulation of bad bacteria and in some cases even colon cancer.  

I remember that, before this point, I always scoffed at home remedies that use ingredients like baking soda, Epsom salts, strange-looking exotic plants and so on. At some level, I thought that only old, eccentric country grandmother types did that stuff.

Now, these same home remedies make me feel proud that I am in better control over my health. I actually know and can pronounce the ingredients. I feel more empowered with choice to avoid harmful chemicals in commercial products like some foods, tooth pastes, skin creams, deodorants, hair products and cleaning agents just to name a few.

On a slightly different note and to clarify, not all commercial products and procedures are potentially ill causing. Many are all natural but inaccessible to most people because of the high cost. However, we achieve the same or similar results for a fraction of that cost through simple procedures and recipes.

We are not experts. Instead, we are almost average Joes who wish to share our experiences with the world. We will explain as clearly as possible what we find in our journey of research and experience.

So please subscribe and let us have your comments, ideas and suggestions. We would love to hear about your personal experiences with this journey.

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