How to prevent or reduce the chance of getting infected (again) by parasites?

Avoid parasite infections!
Human parasites occur easily despite our location and living conditions, are especially hard to detect and introduce serious hidden health risks.
In other posts, we discuss the importance of parasite cleanses, various remedies that effectively get rid of parasite infections (that include using diatomaceous earth a natural substance that kills any type of parasite) and tips for improving the effectiveness of parasite cleanses. However, we believe that it is even better to understand how parasite infections occur in the first place so that we could avoid them whenever possible. Even if we can not avoid them completely, it is good to know when we are at risk of getting a parasite infection.

This entry aims to discuss the best method of parasite management - prevention.

Do not drink unclean water. This is a challenge because it is very hard to tell in most cases. We have even seen documentaries by persons who claimed to have found harmful bacteria in some brands of bottled water. Regardless of how natural and beautifully clear the water, other examples include mountain water, river water or creek water. Purify your drinking water with a powerful filtration system that can actually remove parasites. The best portable water filtration systems that we know of include Crown Berkey water filtration systems. Also remember that there is little use purifying drinking water if you use ice blocks from contaminated water. 

Be careful around infected persons. We can get infected from other infected people. Change and clean their bed linen and pajamas. If possible, avoid sharing their bed, drinks and cutlery. While some situations (as those requiring shaking hands or cheek kissing) are unavoidable, be mindful of their potential health risk. Techniques like frequent hand washing may help.

Act responsibly with sexual partners and other close persons when one is infected. See the instructions above regarding care around infected persons. Ensure that your sexual partners (not only boyfriends and girlfriends but also your spouse) and everyone (including children) with whom you live receive the parasite cleanse at the same time to prevent a new infection - which occurs very easily. If you live in a situation in which you can not affect the parasite infection status of others, you must continually do parasite cleanses. Doing this may simply mean using foods that combat parasites.

Treat your beloved pets for parasites. Just as infected people can be a threat, so too can your pets (and you to them). Do not avoid having them or getting rid of them. Instead, simply treat them. However, before then, do not allow infected pets to lick your face or hands.

Do not wade through dirty water. It always worries me when people are forced to walk through water after natural disasters. Your skin is not as impermeable as you might think.

Use protective gear like shoes, gloves and masks. This is particularly the case when walking through soil. It should be noted that the risks also exist indoors where there are infected floors. Beware! Do not be fooled by how 'clean', natural and beautiful some places appear. Your kitchen garden, a beautiful mountain side river or a dusty room are some unexpected examples.

Do not eat raw, infected, unwashed vegetables whenever possible. Examples include water chestnut or watercress.

Avoid raw or undercooked animal protein. The biggest culprits are beef, pork, fish and chicken. Specific infestation include tape worms, hook worms and various types of amoeba. In my most recent vacation to Paris, I was amazed one night at how three of my French friends feasted on a large serving of grounded raw beef with a raw egg cracked over the top. Since then, I often wonder whether garlic (which fights parasites, are more a necessary part of the French diet than it is a matter of taste). 

Avoid the overuse of antibiotics and chemicals. Find the naturopathic alternative wherever possible.
Avoid nutritionally deficient diets. As an example, studies have related such diets to roundworm infections.

Be mindful of environmental health risks. Unfortunately, you may be at risk by simply inhaling dust particles that have dried forms of parasites.

Do parasite cleanses routinely. We discuss various methods. For instance, food grade diatomaceous earth is a natural home remedy that is effective because it kills any kind of parasite.


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