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How to get rid of human parasites (intestinal worms and protozoa) – natural home remedy / cleanse using Diatomaceous earth (DE)

  • To get rid of any type of human parasite (this obviously includes more common forms like  (intestinal) worms and protozoa). Read about why a human parasite cleanse is necessary.
  • To replace commercial worm medicines against whose chemical active ingredients parasites become immune thereby reducing their efficacy and requiring drug rotation. In contrast, parasites can NEVER become immune to this natural, chemical-free treatment.
  • To enjoy the benefit of many healthful side effects that include: cleaning the bowel without destroying good bacteria, which in turn promotes more regular bowel movements, reduces toxic build up, improves digestive conversion for greater general health, prevents the occurrence of colon health problems like colon cancer and even reduces the likelihood of overweight and obesity. Additional healthful side effects include: heavy metal chelation / detoxification; fluoride detox; plaque removal from blood vessels and lowering of high blood pressure; drug residue detox; reduction of bad cholesterol; relief from arthritis and other bone and joint related disorders; virus removal; endotoxins removal during any bacterial cleanses; smoother skin complexion and texture; generally better conditioned hair and nails.

1. 'Food Grade' Diatomaceous Earth (aka diatomite, kieselgur, fossil shell flour or DE). Use ONLY FOOD GRADE. NEVER ingest the type used in pool filtration systems. Having researched the various brands, the links here provide the brand that is safest for human consumption and packaged most appropriately for your health.

This ingredient
  • Is sold in the form of a loose powder
  • Is non-toxic
  • Is natural. It is produced and occurs in nature
  • Works in a mechanical, non-chemical way by dehydrating and disrupting the metabolism of parasites and literally disintegrating their bodies. Its very hard, sharp edges are deadly for parasites but safe for humans
  • Is safe even for pregnant women. While it may not remove worms in unborn babies, it can be used in very small amounts for babies after birth.
  • Contains healthful trace minerals and also acts as a daily health supplement.
  • Has a neutral pH

2. Measuring spoons

3. A hard, non-porous storage container with a lid. This applies if, like most suppliers, your supplier provides the product in a plastic bag. The container’s lid should have a sufficiently large top that allows you to remove the contents with a spoon (versus requiring you to pour the powder).

4. Dust Mask. This is recommended especially for people who suffer from asthma or other respiratory disorders.

1. Verify that you have received the 'Food Grade' Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and NOT the pool filtering type.

2. If you receive the Diatomaceous Earth (DE) in a plastic bag, transfer the contents into a hard storage container. Do this with the use of a dust mask. NB We have found a brand of 'Food Grade' Diatomaceous Earth (DE) that is already stored appropriately.

3. Follow the printed dosage on the packaging of your  Diatomaceous Earth (DE). In the absence of instructions, use the following guidelines:
  • First time usage / Upon beginning a program of cleansing: ½ tsp  Diatomaceous Earth (DE) per day for a few days or weeks. You decide how gradually you wish to work up to the full dosage. Your decision may be based on aiming to use the full dosage when your parasite cleanse is complete (see signs and symptoms of a parasite infection) and your intake of  Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is part of daily routine.

4. Experiment! There is no single-best method for mixing it. The key is to observe the recommended daily intake. Some preferred mixing methods include:
  • Putting the  Diatomaceous Earth (DE) into juices (lemonade, etc), smoothies, hot beverages among other liquid foods before meals and or bedtime

5. Drink plenty pure water. (This is useful for avoiding constipation. Pure water is preferable over tap water since tap water may replace some of the toxins and parasites that you are trying to get rid of. A powerful water filtration and purification system (by Crown Berkey) at this time is our personal recommendation. It can be a good investment in your health during the parasite cleanse and beyond. For instance, like any worthwhile water purification system, it will also get rid of numerous other contaminants that compromise your health.
Do NOT inhale Diatomaceous Earth (DE). It is said that, if inhaled in large quantities, it may cause serious and permanent damage to your lungs. Although a powder,  Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a hard substance with microscopically sharp edges. It is therefore not a surprise that, someone making a product review commented that, after accidentally inhaling  Diatomaceous Earth (DE), he experienced chest pains. It is for this reason that a storage container with a wide lid is highly recommended since many suppliers package it in plastic bags. The aim is to avoid creating dust clouds. Asthmatics might even want to use masks to be extra cautious.

Avoid contact with the eyes. This is another reason why the storage container is especially useful.

You are very strongly advised to follow quantity instructions closely, especially if you are using  Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for the first time. Although the  Diatomaceous Earth (DE) has been effective for those who have taken more than the recommended amount, its effect was arguably too fast and drastic. Starting at a reduced dosage will help to avoid removing parasites too quickly and a ‘healing crisis’.

Regarding the speed with which you remove parasites, someone explained that he had taken daily amounts of 1.5 tablespoons from the first time that he used  Diatomaceous Earth (DE). As a consequence, he experienced what appeared to be discomforting movements inside his body and even an ‘exit wound’ in his skin. A better experience would therefore be one that quietly and steadily kills the parasites through smaller dosages that increase gradually – without any discomforting events.

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As in other cleansing processes, a ‘healing crisis’ or ‘detox reaction’ may occur, especially with a very aggressive approach. This refers to side effects that occur as toxins (from dying or dead parasites) flood your body before being expelled. Side effects include flu-like symptoms, abdominal cramping, nausea and headaches.

From the evening of day 2, I (Miss C) experienced a runny nose. It happened to Mr C a few days later. Sudden, otherwise unexplainable respiratory symptoms that are associated with the common cold (sneezing, coughing, stuffy or runny nose, etc) are a normal sign that your body is attempting to get rid of the dying parasites and their toxins. (Mucus is the body’s defense against contaminants). Rather than suppress the symptoms with orthodox cold medicines, consider managing the mucus with a sea salts in a neti pot.

Use finely grounded Diatomaceous Earth (DE) so that it mixes well in liquids.

Most people feel a noticeable spike in their energy levels.
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  2. Would it be possible that if the DE is introduced slowly that the parasites may then be able to migrate to a different organ or area in the body other than the digestive tract to escape the DE. Where as if one starts on a slightly higher dose say one teaspoon day on, then moving to dessert spoon in a few days then moving to a tablespoon in a few days this may kill them before they are able to move around. It may result in some discomfort and intense experiences but these are preferable than having living parasites just move to other organs and live. Whats is your understanding on this? I am aware many types can survive in other areas than the digestive tract, how does one ensure these are removed?

    1. Hi Ben, Apologies for not responding sooner. You raised a very valid point re the migration of the parasites into deeper parts of the body - something that is NOT favorable.

      I'm unsure of how to respond on balancing between comfort and an aggressive approach, especially since each individual has a set of unique circumstances, tolerance levels and so on.

      I think that it is best to start out with a live blood or other in-depth analysis (by a naturopathic clinic) to determine the kind of parasites before deciding on how aggressive an approach they should or could handle. Additionally, outside of DE, some home remedies literally paralyze and weaken parasites so that they can not survive too long, no matter what.

      In short, one is better off understanding their individual circumstances and then making a decision they can live with.

      With which kind of parasite are you dealing? What did you ultimately decide on doing? What was the outcome?

  3. I would like to know the same thing Benjamin asked.
    I am taking 4 tablespoons a day with no adverse side effects.

    1. Hello Anon, Pls see my response to Benjamin. Thanks!

      I'd love to know the kind of parasite with which you are dealing, your experiences and outcomes.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Hi, I'm not sure if this symptom can be considered being caused by parasites but on about day four, I notice my ankles were slightly swollen and on day five, they were very swollen. I also noticed I feel more "bloated" or thicker in my middle/abdominal section. I took a heaping tablespoon the first few days and on day five, took two heaping tablespoons. I am working on drinking more water too...I am drinking primarily bottled water and some tap water. I don't have a filtration system at this time. Please help me figure out the is very uncomfortable and worrisome! Thank you.

    1. There could be variables that you have neither mentioned or even considered that are responsible. If that is the case, they may need to be explored. Consider going to a naturopathic doctor or other health care naturopathic health professional (at least at first).

      When I read your the part of your comment re abdominal bloated feeling, I couldn't help but wonder whether you took too much DE too early. It's best to start gradually for several reasons, one of which is to reduce the rate of parasite die off. Rapid parasite die off could leave lots of air in your GI. (I learnt about this painfully some time back when I went for a colonic during a period in which I was using way too much sauerkraut that also kills parasites).

      Regarding the swollen ankles, etc, I also wondered whether you are currently doing or just did other cleanses like liver cleanses. Other people report swelling during liver cleanses. I have heard that, in such cases, the swelling may be caused by potassium and electrolyte deficiencies.

      Anyway, as I suggested previously, ask a naturopathic professional for advice and guidance.

      Please let us know how it works out.

      Take care.

  5. Hey All! wondering if any one here has ever experienced or heard of having the most insanely painful hunger pangs while on DE?

    I am on day 5 and have only taking 1T per day. I woke up the last 2 days at 3:00 am and have to go eat a full meal. During the day it gets pretty bad as well. Any thoughts? Am I just not drinking enough water?



    1. Hi RaeRae,


      Based on what you have said here, I do not get the impression that your water intake is responsible. Have you suddenly changed your diet from lots of sugar to little or no sugars, including junk food and the stuff that is usually a very vital food source for parasites? ... Wondering whether you are effectively starving the parasites in addition to killing them!

      I have not personally had your experience and would therefore love to hear from the others also.

    2. Hi RaeRae,

      I forgot to mention in my first response to you that I hope that you are not eating so little all of a sudden because you are trying to get healthy.

      Believe it or not, you could eat endless amounts of food and still eat weight - if it is healthy food like greens and veggies. That happened to me. In fact, I was struggling to keep up with the serving sizes. So you don't need to starve. Consider including foods that parasites hate or that kill them, like GARLIC. For instance, you could very finely chop up raw garlic in salads, If tape worms were a concern, throw in some pumpkin seeds and almonds (yummy for you, hell for the parasites.)

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  7. Hello,
    Can you direct me to sites associated with research for the use of de for humans? Thank you.

  8. Hi iv just started taking this I have entombeoa will it help for this and dog tapeworm

  9. Hi iv got entombeoa and dog tapeworm would this help

    1. Hi Hayley, I have been unable to find the word 'entombeoa' anywhere, including Google searches. Is that the correct spelling. Is there another name for that condition please?

  10. So I accidentally used 2 tsp instead of 1/2 tsp of DE in my smoothie this morning. I've been drinking lots of water and eating lots grapes (high water content). Anything I should do? Tomorrow should I go back to 1/2 tsp or just continue with 2tsp or should I give it a couple days first and then start at 1/2 tsp?

    1. Do not worry about the fact that you used more than the minimum amount stated. Fortunately, DE is natural and should not have any adverse effects on your health. For most people, taking 'too much' will mean a faster die-off rate of parasites. The side effects might be gas in the gastro-intestinal tract and you might find yourself coughing up more mucous than normal.

      You did the right thing to avoid constipation, i.e. drink a lot of fluids.

      The days that follow, you may use an amount that feels right to you intuitively. For instance, if you figure that there were no side effects of the larger quantity and you wish to maintain the higher-than-planned amount, it should be fine to maintain that volume as your new base level for your current level of health. Otherwise, just switch back to the lower quantity.

      Hope this helps and take care.

  11. Do you recommend taking Selenium for the hard metals in the DE?

    1. Research suggests that selenium is especially good for protection against mercury specifically. Vitamin C and E apparently make it even more effective in protection against mercury.

  12. I am a massage therapist. I was wondering what your up take is on abdominall massage while taking DE?

  13. I am a massage therapist and I was wondering what your up take is on abdominal massage while taking DE.

  14. I am still a little fuzzy on whether DE will kill tapeworms. Can you clarify this for me? Thanks.

    1. Hello Elizabeth. I have not personally dealt with tapeworms. However, I have read that DE can kill them in humans and that they have been used for serious parasite problems with horses. I invite others to comment on this since, as I said, I have not dealt personally with that kind of worm. Happy for any further comments.

  15. Hello! I was recently living in SE Asia for a few months, and got really really sick (food poisoning style) while I was there. I went to the hospital and they diagnosed me with a bacterial infection and gave me antibiotics. Ever since then, I've had many symptoms of parasites and just feel like they are there. I decided to try DE as a parasite cleanse. I have been taking the DE for 4 days now, started at 1tsp/day for the 1st two days and then up to 2tsp/day now. As of yesterday, I have a rash rising to the surface on my entire torso and neck..front and well as a less dense version on my arms and moving down to my legs. It's slightly itchy, but more widespread than anything. I'm also experiencing heartburn and a general fatigue and feeling of being run down. Is the rash like this a common reaction to die off?

    1. i have a slight rash also..and itching.. i just got over scabies and wonder if its back.. or its from DE.

  16. Dear Bria, I am sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience. I also received food poisoning several years back and can relate to your feeling that the infestation is ongoing. Ironically, DE is often used for treating rashes. I have never heard of DE being directly related (especially in a causal relationship with rashes) and open the discussion on your case to other readers.
    If you could include other relevant information, including allergies or other potential culpable conditions, that may be helpful. Take care!

  17. I had parasites and slight candida....I have been using the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse - I first took 6 pills right away - WORMS GONE. I noticed when I elimated alot of dead worms and those round like parasites.....they are also super gentle on my system. I didnt even use the whole Lady Soma bottle...i still have it in my drawer cause it cleared me up right away....

  18. How long do you recommend DE for a parasite cleanse? I want our family to use DE for a cleanse due to our new puppy having round worms and hook worms.

    1. For at least 1 full month. Although you are likely to kill off adult parasites within much less time, a full month is more likely to tackle the young that are now in eggs as they hatch. Since you can not overdose on DE, it is safe to continue for a bit longer to be on the safe side regarding getting rid of the parasites. Just ensure however that you continue to drink lots of water. By the way, it is safe to give DE to your puppy as a natural treatment for parasites.