Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight

Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight: Summary for this documentary below.

There is no shortage of super diets, slimming diets and the like. Weight loss articles give advice on foods that are low in calories and supposedly allow us to burn off excess fat. Unfortunately however, despite any immediate results from these diet programs, many people ultimately fail to enjoy sustainable weight loss. This documentary reports the findings as scientific journalist and trained medical doctor, Michael Mosley investigates this matter of weight loss.

Often, people perceive a need for burning fat and weight loss programs when they see fat around their waste, chin and other parts of the body. However, this film uses the personal case of Michael Mosley to highlight the possibility that even slim looking people have similar health concerns since their bodies can insidiously store fat (ie visceral fat) in potentially harmful ways.

The documentary presents its findings along with 10 of the simplest ways to lose weight without being hungry. Among the points of discussion are the secrets behind why soup may be key to weight loss, how we may burn off fat during sleep, foods that make us feel fuller for longer periods, surprising misconceptions about low and high rates of metabolism, how skipping meals can trigger us to encourage us to use high calorie foods (as an urgent response to a lack of nutrients), psychological effects of your plate size, misconceptions about rating calorie content of food and unexpected foods that can help us to expel more fat from all other food.

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