How to make natural black hair moisturizer

This shea butter / coconut oil hair moisturizer is most suitable for dry hair. For this reason, it is especially useful for growing healthy natural African / black hair. Being an oil-based natural black hair moisturizer, its role is to act as a light shield that keeps moisture in the hair. For this reason, shea butter / coconut oil hair moisturizer should be used on damp hair.

  • Unrefined shea butter (at room temperature)
  • Unrefined coconut oil (at room temperature)
  • Other optional natural ingredients for making a natural hair moisturizer:
    • Olive oil / Almond oil
    • Jojoba oil
    • Grapeseed oil
    • Essential oils (example: lavender oil)
  • Hand held mixer or fork
  • Mixing bowl
  • Sterile plastic bag
  • Storage jar
  • Scissors

  1. Coconut oil liquefies at room temperature. If it is solid, expose the coconut oil to gentle heat. For instance, place the coconut oil container into a bowl of warm water or place it on a warm counter. I put my coconut oil on the kitchen counter close to my electric kettle.
  2. Gradually add the coconut oil to the shea butter. Add these ingredients while considering the desired consistency of your natural black hair moisturizer. The oils will produce a smoother consistency that will allow you to easily spread otherwise solid shea butter over your hair.
  3. To pack your homemade shea butter / coconut oil natural black hair moisturizer neatly into a container, do the following. Put your homemade hair moisturizer into a plastic bag. Squeeze the hair moisturizer into a single corner. Cut of the end of that corner. This will allow you to squeeze the face moisturizer neatly into your container.
  4. Immediately after adding water or a water-based moisturizer to your hair, apply your hair moisturizer onto damp hair. This is key for locking in the moisture. It is neither a good idea to apply moisturizer on dry or wet hair. If you apply moisturizer onto dry hair, you may lock out the moisture. If you apply moisturizer onto dripping wet hair, your moisturizer may simply drip away.
  5. Very gently rub your palms together about 2 to 3 times only, just to warm and spread the natural black hair moisturizer. This is useful to ensure that you apply a thin layer of moisturizer to avoid excessively oily hair.
  6. Apply over the full length of your hair. However, focus on the oldest part of your hair, ie the ends. Pay special attention to dampening the ends of the hair before applying the natural black hair moisturizer. This approach helps you to maintain healthy hair and to avoid split ends.


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