How to Charge Healing Crystals

Charging Healing Crystals Explained

The uniquely symmetrical and spiral pattern of their atoms and molecules allow healing crystals to naturally emit electromagnetic energy. However, like batteries, healing crystals need to be recharged routinely. Consequently, we must use powerful energy sources to charge our healing crystals (through radiation).

How to Charge Healing Crystals

  1. Be prepared to charge crystals yourself. In other words, do not allow others to do it for you. An exception to this is when you are a healer wishing to charge healing crystals for clients. If possible, do this process after you program your healing crystals (since the programming process expends some of a crystal's electromagnetic energy).
  2. After cleaning the healing crystals and cleaning your sacred place (example by saging)
  3. Place the healing crystals in the charging location:
    1. Moon bathing. Charge your healing crystals by placing them in the a) moonlight of the full moon, b) within 3 days before and after the full moon or c) during the waxing moon (not the waning moon since some of the energy from the full moon are dissipating at that time). Leave the crystals under this light overnight All healing crystals can be safely charged in moonlight.
    2. Sun bathing. Charge your healing crystals by placing them in the sun for a few hours. Beware, some healing crystals should not be charged in sunlight. For instance, colored quartz varieties like amethyst and citrine should not be charged in the sunlight to prevent their color from fading.
    3. Universal electromagnetic energy (aka qi, chi, life force). Apply Reiki energy and or symbols to your healing crystals
    4. Grounding energies. Charge your healing crystals by burying them in the earth.
    5. Sea salt. Charge your healing crystals by burying them in sea salt.
    6. Sea salt water. Charge your healing crystals by burying them in sea salt water (from the ocean or by combining water with store-bought sea salt)
  4. Store healing crystals to prevent excessive discharge of energy. For instance, put the crystals in a wooden draw or bod. Otherwise, wrap them inside of a natural (not synthetic) fabric like cotton, silk or wool. Ideally, this fabric should be red since red has the slowest rate of luminous absorption and vibration. In other words, it protects the crystals from expending their energies (or even receiving external energies).
-- -- FAQs:
Q: Do healing gemstone need to be re-programmed after being charged each time?
A: No, after you program healing gemstones, the intentions remain fixed irrespective of how frequently you charge your healing gemstones, (ie until you deprogram and reprogram them).

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