My Master Cleanse & Lemonade Diet (My tropical version)

This is how we do the sea salt water flush.


Step 0 (ie when you wake up): Do not eat anything at all. Do not use any vitamins, supplements or medicines. Ensure that, before you proceed to step 1, you have experienced a food-free period of at least 8 hours.

Step 1: Make and drink the flush as follows. Some people find that using a straw helps to hide the taste. (Try making and using long-lasting biodegradable jumbo straws from a tropical permaculture garden. It could add a little distraction / fun.) You may drink the liquid very slowly but with the aim of completing the glass within a sitting. This must be done every day of the cleansing period. I managed to complete this volume within 5 minutes.

2 tsp of sea salt
4 cups (ie 1 quart) of lukewarm purified water
1 tsp of fresh lime or lemon juice (optional for taste)

Step 2: Immediately after drinking the flush, lie on the right side of your body for 30 minutes. After this period, you may move around as normal.

Step 3: Expect first bowel movement within 45 minutes to 2 hours afterwards. Expect approximately 3-6 movements within a day (as you eliminate toxins, even though you are not consuming solid foods). Note however that people vary. Be cautious about giving in to the temptation to pass wind as normal because liquid movements are likely to occur instead.

Step 4: For people who eat more meats and cheeses and less vegetables and or are not experiencing the minimum number of eliminations, the salt content of the flush may be increased very gradually or you may take herbal laxatives like senna or garcina in the night immediately before going to bed OR increase the amount of water that you drink during the day.

Step 5: Drink between 6 and 12 glasses of the following lemonade daily. If you might suffer tooth sensitivity because of the acidity of limes or lemons, you could do a few things: 1) brush frequently between drinks, 2) drink the lemonade with a straw, 3) follow each drink with water that you swish around and 4) frequently rinse with baking soda throughout the day.

  • Lemonade (with the following ingredients without changing the proportions)
    • 2 tbsp lemon juice (usually from approximately ½ of a lemon)
    • 10 oz fresh sugarcane juice & NO water as per the 8-oz water item below (or 2 tbsp of grade B maple syrup or if not diabetic, pure sorghum but with less effective results than those with maple syrup or sugarcane juice. Never use honey). This recipe item provides calories. For diabetics, 1 scant tbsp of molasses for 1st day with 10 units of insulin. Subsequent days, while reducing the insulin, gradually increase molasses towards 2 full tbsp. At 2 tbsp, eliminate insulin while checking sugar levels in urine and blood. (The molasses will supply the necessary elements for the pancreas to produce insulin).
    • 1/10th tsp cayenne pepper
    • 8 oz purified water
For a further cleansing and laxative effect and to prevent excessive internal bleeding or clotting if you have such prevailing conditions, you may blend a piece of the lemon skin and pulp only if the skins were not dyed or subjected to poisonous insecticides. If unsure about skin toxicity, peel the outer skin. (This is not likely to affect menstrual periods).

Step 6: Drink as much plain water as you can throughout the day. 8-10 glasses is a good target. Achieve this amount through continuous intakes of small amounts rather than single intakes of large volumes. If possible, aim to drink ½ of your daily water requirement by mid-morning.

Step 7: Drink a naturally sweet tea like mint or lippia alba as an occasional treat. If possible, avoid sweeteners. You can also use 100% natural herbal teas that are traditionally used as medicines for your health concerns.

Step 8: Some people may expect a 'healing crisis', ie one or several side effects within the first 3 days (when most toxins concentrate in your colon to be expelled):

o   occasional abdominal cramping -  due to impending bowel movements
o   weight loss -
o  weakness / flu-like symptoms – due to sudden exposure and elimination of toxins
o   nausea / vomiting – due to sudden exposure and elimination of toxins
o   head aches – due to sudden exposure and elimination of toxins


Repeat all of the steps from day 1

Step 9: Expect that, during the diet, your tongue may become very heavily coated and fuzzy looking. Do not despair. You will know that the cleansing may end when the tongue becomes clear pink and clean.

Step 10: If you are making your probiotic foods such as cultured vegetables for the 'ease out' period, prepare them as soon as possible. After all, you might for whatever reason complete the cleansing sooner than later. The ease in period is normally a time in which you introduce prebiotic foods (ie foods that feed probiotics aka 'good bacteria').

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