Guacamole Recipe: Tropical & Unique

If you have been following this (and the Tropical Organic Gardening) blog, you may know that I spent the last 3 months traveling. My stops included a stay in a very rural tropical countryside with a middle aged couple. The lifestyle was nearly as simple as I believe it ought to be and I loved it. In fact, I consider 'simplicity' a luxury.
Tropical Guacamole Recipe
Tropical Guacamole and Vegan & Gluten Free Pizza for Dinner. Yummy!
The food was no exception; it was phenomenal. So I wish to share this guacamole recipe from that visit. We used it as a dip, topping for vegan gluten free pizza, spread and, in my case ... because I really enjoyed it, all on its own.

As a child, I meditated on favourite dishes as I savoured and delivered a secret prayer. It went like this. 'Dear God, please have this dish in heaven!' No kidding! I no longer do that. However, if I did, I would have placed a similar order for this tropical guacamole recipe.

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In reality, my host never followed a fixed guacamole recipe. It was always unique because she reinvented her guacamole recipe every time by tossing in what was available in her tropical organic garden and pantry. In the end, her guacamole was always phenomenal. Consequently, this guacamole recipe below is what I noted one day as I guesstimated her measurements. Please be kind and suggest variations to the ingredients.

My host simply blended all of the following ingredient ts except for the olive oil which she poured on top of the mixture when we were about to eat. 

  • Avocado pear, 1 ripe

How to Make Guacamole

    • Cilantro, 10 – 12 leaves (I think this was one of the ingredients that made this guacamole recipe absolutely brilliant.) See cilantro leaves in the Vitamix blender in the image above. -- --

    • Sunflower seeds
    • Cuban oregano, roughly 4 leaves
    • Turmeric, fresh root, roughly 1/2 inch
    • Ginger, fresh root, roughly 1/2 inch
    • Moringa, roughly 5 compounded leaves  (My hosts was using moringa in her guacamole recipe only because I was introducing her to moringa and had shown her how to grow moringa from seed.)
    • Tahini, roughly ¼ cup
    • Paprika powder
    • Sea Salt, to taste
    • Dairy Kefir, roughly ¼ cup  (Unlike me, my hosts do not create vegan recipes. Vegans may skip this ingredient or try plain non-dairy kefir. Having said this, while traveling, I tend to eat non-vegan foods and ate this guacamole. It was phenomenal.)

      Guacamole Recipe Ingredients in Blender
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      How to Make Guacamole

      • Olive Oil, roughly 1 tbsp

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