Tropical Christmas Trees from Upcycled Garden Material: DIY Art Therapy

Just for the record, I do not celebrate Christmas. However, I was impressed by these clever upcycling ideas for making tastefully decorated tropical DIY Christmas trees. I could not help but share these photos even though this idea may not be as easily adopted as a DIY art therapy project for treating anxiety, like papier mache / paper mache. If nothing else, at least, these ideas illustrate the 6th permaculture principle; Produce No Waste!
The Christmas tree above is made of many dried coconuts. I could not get too close but imagine that metal rods hold each coconut in place and that each rod is somehow anchored to a central vertical rod.
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The one below however seems much simpler to make. The branches are made of driftwood with a cross sectional hole in the center. Each branch therefore lays horizontally and his held in place by a vertical metal rod that runs through the hole.

Naturally, the base needed to be sufficiently stable to support the structure. The base is a heavy bit of log.
So I was curious about the very top. The designer placed a fat short log vertically to create the 'angel'. If you look very closely, you can see the metal rod enter that top log which was obviously drilled longitudinally.
Some years ago, an ex and I created a most beautiful Christmas tree from a bare guava tree twig. If memory serves me correctly, he sprayed the whole thing white and, like at this mall, we used only white lights. We used brown paper for the base.

I have yet to see it but am convinced that people could make nice, pine-like smelling trees with healthy rosemary bushes. (See how to root rosemary cuttings).


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