Tips: How to maximize the efficacy of any parasite cleanse / detox

Congratulations! Realizing the importance of doing a parasite cleanse is half the battle. Here are safe and natural ways to improve the efficacy of any parasite cleanse / detox.
Be Parasite free!

When to start a Parasite Cleanse?
If possible, plan your parasite cleanse around the full moon. In other words, you can start to detox about one week before the full moon. This is based on the fact that parasites are naturally most active and reproduce during the full moon period.

If you do not start to detox around the full moon period, be sure to extend the cleanse long enough to include it.

The Recommended Duration of a Parasite Cleanse

Try to prevent quick and easy parasite reinfection after a cleanse by committing to the parasite cleanse for more than 1 month. Naturopathic doctors often recommend 3-month detox periods for parasite infections, especially for the first time.

Extending the commitment ensures that you tackle all stages of the reproductive cycle of parasites (whether microscopic or larger types like worms) and therefore improve the efficacy of the product being used.

Implications of performing a very short term Parasite Cleanse?

Do NOT be misled by product packages that provide small detox product quantities as those with sufficient stock to only last for periods less than 1 month. Such detox product packages appear to be so designed for the sake of maximizing earnings.

Do not take a single small dose of the product and expect that your parasite problem will disappear indefinitely ... even when you stop seeing the signs. (Read more about the signs and symptoms). Just as birds and people migrate to better environmental conditions, parasites will also migrate to a deeper part of your body where the small dose has not yet reached.

A healthier and more economical approach may be to buy your cleanse ingredients / product in large volumes for a reduced price.

How frequently should Parasite Cleanses be done?

It is good practice to introduce parasite cleansing as a routine activity each year. After all, becoming infected again is extremely easy.

How to prevent or reduce the likelihood of future parasite infections?

There are so many easy ways in which an infection begins. For instance, the simple act of breathing dust can have implications for getting parasites. In short, avoiding an infection of parasites is challenging.

It is therefore necessary to understand how parasite infections may occur and adopt as many good practices as possible. This may include simple acts like purifying your drinking water (a source of parasites), routinely using certain health products like 'Food Grade' Diatomaceous Earth among many other ways to prevent or reduce the chance of future parasite infections. (Read an article about the parasite eradication benefits of diatomaceous earth).

Before or After other (non parasite) kinds of cleanse?

Parasites migrate throughout the body and blood and can therefore be found anywhere without exception. Since the efficacy of a liver gall-bladder cleanse can be compromised if you still have a parasite infection in that area, it is good practice to precede a liver gall-bladder cleanse with a parasite cleanse, especially if you suspect that you have a parasite infection.

Diet during a Parasite Cleanse

As much as possible, eliminate sweets, alcohol and carbohydrates from your diet while you do a parasite detox. This is recommended in light of the fact that parasites love and are nourished by these foods. Remember, aim to starve and kill the parasites!

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  2. Since we want to starve the parasites, would it be safe to do the parasite cleanse in conjuction with the Master Cleanse detox. Or would that be stressing the body too much?
    Coach Cicely