How to get rid of fluoride – natural home remedy / cleanse with Diatomaceous earth

Previously, we discussed the hidden dangers of fluoride and the innumerable every day ways in which we are exposed to these fluoride-related dangers. We not only showed how very easy and often unavoidable it is to absorb fluoride but also discussed the real but insidious effects of fluoride that extend well beyond fluorosis. It can damage your brain. For instance, it can lower your IQ, is related to various neurotoxicity problems and may even indirectly relate to your contracting the Alzheimer’s disease (since it increases the absorption of aluminium, the substance most associated with Alzheimer’s disease). It may weaken your bone structure and contribute to various kinds of bone disease. It also contributes to problems related to your metabolic, renal and endocrine systems. In short, it is a silent and persistent killer.

  • To remove fluoride from your body with the use of a safe, natural, highly effective home remedy.

  • To enjoy the benefit of many healthful side effects that include: cleaning the bowel without destroying good bacteria, which in turn promotes more regular bowel movements, reduces toxic build up, removes parasites, improves digestive conversion for greater general health, prevents the occurrence of colon health problems like colon cancer and even reduce the likelihood of overweight and obesity. Additional healthful side effects include: heavy metal chelation / detoxification; plaque removal from blood vessels and lowering of high blood pressure; drug residue detox; reducing cholesterol; relief from arthritis and other bone and joint related disorders; virus removal; endotoxins removal during any bacterial cleanses; smoother skin complexion and texture; generally better conditioned hair and nails.

1.    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) (aka diatomite, kieselgur or fossil shell flour). Use ONLY FOOD GRADE (aka ‘Medical Grade’). NEVER ingest the type used in pool filtration systems. Having researched several brands, we have found the one linked here to be safest with regards to human consumption and packaging.
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This ingredient
•    Is sold as a loose powder
•    Is non-toxic
•    Is completely natural. It occurs in nature
•    Contains healthful trace minerals and can therefore be used routinely as a health supplement
•    Has a neutral pH

2.    Measuring spoons

3.    A non-porous storage container with a lid. (If the DE was delivered in plastic bags – a popular packaging method)

4.    Dust Mask

1. Verify that you have received the 'Food Grade' or 'Medical Grade' DE and NOT the pool filtering type.

2. If you receive the DE in a plastic bag, transfer the contents into the storage container. Do this with the use of the dust mask. NB: The brand of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) linked on this site has been appropriately packaged.

3. Follow the printed quantity instructions on the packaging of your DE. In the absence of instructions, use the following guidelines:

  • First time usage / Upon beginning a program of cleansing: ½ tsp DE per day for a few days or weeks. You decide how gradually you wish to work up to the full dosage. The key is to very gradually increase the dosage to avoid healing crises or other reactions. This is especially important if you (suspect that you) are infected with parasites. (See ‘Observations’ when the DE dosage exceeded the recommended amount during someone’s parasite infection). How can you know whether you have parasites? 

  • Full dosage for routine usage: 2 tbsp DE per day. This quantity should be used only after having gradually increased dosage over time. See ‘Observations’ for someone who exceeded the recommended dosage during a parasite infection). It will be beneficial to continue to use the DE routinely so as to continually ward off the many sources of fluoride pollution. (See the ‘Sources of Fluoride’)

4. Experiment! There is no single-best method for mixing it. The key is to observe the recommended daily intake. Some preferred mixing methods include:
Putting the Diatomaceous Earth (DE) into juices (lemonade, etc), smoothies, hot beverages among other liquid foods before meals and or bedtime.

5. Drink plenty of pure water. This is useful for avoiding constipation – a complaint of some people. If your water source is fluoridated, using pure, fluoride-free water is especially important to avoid defeating the purpose of performing this cleanse. Use a water filter capable of removing fluoride.


  • Do NOT inhale Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and avoid contact with the eyes. It is for this reason that a storage container with a wide lid is highly recommended since many suppliers package it in plastic bags to avoid creating dust clouds.
  • For instance, if inhaled in large quantities, it may cause serious and permanent damage to your lungs. Although a powder, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a hard substance with microscopically sharp edges. It is therefore not a surprise that someone making a product review commented that, after accidentally inhaling DE, he experienced chest pains. People suffering from respiratory problems might even want to use masks to be extra cautious.
  • Most people feel a noticeable spike in their energy levels.

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