How to make natural DIY leave in conditioner / gel for any hair type (whether black hair or straight hair) - aloe vera

  • As a safe, natural leave in hair conditioner / gel for any hair type.
  • To moisturize dry hair
  • To sooth itchy scalp conditions that include seborrhoea (which is the itchy, incrusted accumulation on the scalp when excessive secretions of natural scalp sebum oil mixes with dirt)
  • To condition hair and promote hair growth. To prevent excessive hair loss. (Note that excessive hair loss caused by genetic conditions may not be preventable by this shampoo)
  • To replace chemicals gels and leave in hair conditioners with an a homemade, natural alternative
  • To avoid high cost of specialized hair loss treatments.
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WHAT YOU NEED TO MAKE ALOE VERA LEAVE IN CONDITIONER GEL (Buy from dedicated Homemade Aloe Vera Shampoo & Conditioner Store):
  • The gel of 1 or 2 whole leaves of Aloe Vera. Aloe vera gel:
  • is non-toxic
  • is antibacterial
  • adds shine to hair
  • helps to reduce the excess sebum that our scalp secretes. This in turn allows the scalp to breathe and the follicles to renew themselves
  • brings the pH of the scalp into balance
  • It contains numerous minerals and vitamins that are renowned for their health giving properties for your hair and body
  • does not usually cause allergic reactions. I am one of the very rare cases that experience stinging over some sensitive skin areas if contact is prolonged. Although not advisable, I do continue to use it without this problem by rinsing it out thoroughly and promptly when shampooing with aloe vera. I do not know why but, somehow, the gel does not bother me at all when I apply it as a gel on my scalp. Perhaps my scalp is just not that sensitive.
  • Drops of an oil that meets your specific hair requirements (optional)
  • A blender
  • 2 containers with lids
  • A strainer
  1. Without adding water, blend the ingredients until they are uniform. Your conditioner will initially look like a stiff white foam.
  2. Pour the leave in hair conditioner / gel into a container and allow it to stand for in the refrigerator until it becomes a liquid.
  3. Strain the leave in hair conditioner / gel into a new clean container. Be sure NOT to force the gel through the strainer. Discard whatever remains. This is necessary to avoid tiny bits of the pith that look like dandruff when your leave in conditioner / hair gel dries.
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  5. After washing and drying your hair, you may apply this leave in hair conditioner / gel on your hair and scalp. For the same effect as commercial mousses or hair gels, apply very generously along the length of your hair until your hair is wet again by the aloe vera gel. To promote healthy hair growth, apply directly to the scalp.
  6. Consider taking aloe vera orally. We will make a post about this soon. Aloe vera is great for internal cleansing. When it cleanses, it not only removes toxins but, in turn, promotes healthier hair (and cleaner skin). Imagine that! You can eat safely your hair conditioner / gel to promote good health!

  • The leave in hair conditioner / gel  felt very slippery between my fingers. After applying, it takes a few minutes before drying. However, the shiny gel look remains for the whole day.
  • There is no lingering smell of the aloe vera.
  • The leave in aloe vera hair conditioner / gel also does not stain clothes.



  1. I also use the aloe vera to make my own lotion for the body and the face. The aloe and cucumbers I take from my garden. I mix them together. (The cucumber after I juice it), then add vitamin e and put it in the fridge. So after I get out the shower it feels so refreshing but not thick and oily.

  2. That sounds great, but I don't have a aloe plant. Where do I get aloe vera gel?

    1. Additionally, depending on your location, you may even get a small plant shipped to you. You will also find this option (along with bottled aloe vera gel) in our Amazon store.

      in reality, nothing beats the fresh aloe vera gel because it does not need any preservation that manufacturers use. If you can not get your own plant, try the bottled gel that we have included in our Amazon store. Please let us know how it turns out.

  3. Hello Qing Xu. You can visit our Amazon Store ( )