Salt scrub or Sugar scrub?

Neither a salt scrub nor sugar scrub is generally better than the other. Both salt scrubs and sugar scrubs are great for exfoliation. These skin scrubs remove dead skin, allow the skin underneath to become hydrated, rejuvenated and beautiful.

However, choosing between sugar scrubs and sea salt scrubs should be on the basis of their different characteristics and skin conditions below.

  • Sugar Scrubs are usually softer on the skin than salt scrubs. Besides, sugar scrubs do not sting like salt scrubs may.
  • Sugar scrubs are often better than salt scrubs for sensitive skin or first time users. Since sugar scrubs dissolve in warm water more easily than salt scrubs, a sugar scrub may be less abrasive on the skin when used in warm baths. (BEWARE: When you make or buy sugar scrubs for sensitive skin, fine grains may be best. Like salt scrubs, sugar scrubs can vary in abrasiveness. Shop around. There are various kinds of sugar worth using to make your own sugar scrub.)
  • The smell of dissolving natural brown cane sugar in warm bath sugar scrubs is phenomenal - like a kind of aromatherapy. The sugar scrub smells so rich and delicious that the temptation to taste it can be strong. Yummy!

  • Due to their generally more abrasive nature, coarse salt scrubs are excellent for removing dead skin.
  • Fine salts may be used for people acne because it absorbs oil very well. This applies to the face and any part of the body where acne develops.
  • Salt scrubs offer therapeutic and healthful mineralizeration benefits that are not possible with sugar scrubs. In fact, by not being as gentle as sugar scrubs, salt scrubs can better remove toxins and impurities from the skin. Although there is a wide variety of sugars that can be used in scrubs, choosing salts for a salt scrub can be a fun educational experience that forces you to more systematically consider your health needs. When you buy or better yet make your own salt scrub, you will find that there are so many kinds of salts, most of which are sea salts. Most common salts include Himalayan sea salt, Mediterranean sea salts, Celtic sea salt, deep Atlantic sea salts, Kala Namak sea salt, Hawaiian red sea salt and dead sea salts from Israel. Dead sea salt is often described as being the salt of all bath salts. For instance, among the many benefits of dead sea salts include its treatment of many dry skin conditions (like psoriasis and ezcema), skin detoxification, pain reduction and anti-inflammatory properties. Technically, Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) is not a salt. However, it is very useful for persons who suffer with magnesium deficiencies (often related to signs and symptoms that include crampstwitching musclesmigraine head aches, fatigue, weakness, female hormonal imbalances that include premenstrual syndrome / PMS, dysmenorrhoea / painful menstrual cramping, abnormal heart rates, anxiety, nervousness and many other more serious health problems). Epsom salts baths are even considered to be a natural mood enhancer.

  • Since the skin on my feet had become rough and calloused, I have been using coarse sea salt scrubs in warm foot baths. I massage both the skin, between my toes and even the soles of my feet. Since the first application, old callous on the skin over my knuckles are disappearing. (Does the word 'knuckles' also apply to toes?) It is really working. … My only challenge is making the time to keep pampering myself!

  • Occasionally, I may also use sea salt scrubs for rougher, potentially calloused areas on my body like my elbows and knees.

  • Normally however, I use fine sugar scrubs for my face and the rest of my body because my skin in generally soft. I learnt the hard way that vigorously rubbing coarse sugar scrubs on the backs of my hands is too harsh. The problem too was that it was the first time in a very long time that I was using a scrub. Consider the fine sugar grains when you make or buy sugar scrubs for very soft or sensitive skin. 

  • I’m not fond of cold water at the end! I’m tempted to spray with diluted apple cider vinegar to close my pores but need to do more research on that. Private or public suggestions are very welcome!
  • I no longer buy sugar scrubs because I can make my own delicious sugar scrub. Hooray!
  • I no longer buy salt scrubs ... or other exfoliants to smoothen my skin! Hooray! I can make my own personalized salt scrub.

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