How to Make a Natural DIY Multipurpose Household Cleaner

In this post, We explain how to make a natural (non-toxic and eco-friendly) DIY cleaner. It cleans and disinfects countertops, bath tubs, stove tops, tiles, toilets and other surfaces that have tough dirt, lime deposits and other stains.
The main ingredients of this natural DIY cleaner recipe are baking soda and liquid castile soap. Essential oils like tea tree essential oil (lavender essential oil, pine essential oil among several others mentioned in our Youtube video) can also offer antibacterial protection and a fresh fragrance to DIY cleaners. To remove tougher stains and buildup, salt is optional ingredient that makes this recipe more heavy duty. Spraying vinegar after applying this DIY cleaner is another useful option. Specifically, it literally dissolves lime buildup.

Ultimately, when compared with commercial cleaners, you can easily and cheaply make a DIY cleaner / homemade scrub that is equally or more effective. Furthermore, since this DIY cleaner recipe is chemical free, it is generally baby safe & feminine hygiene safe.

'Before and After' photos in our Youtube video (below) illustrate how effective this eco-friendly, non-toxic homemade cleaner scrubs dirt, lime & stains from bath tubs, stove tops, tiles & toilets.

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