Spiritual grounding definition, uses, benefits and techniques

Definition of Spiritual Grounding

Spiritual grounding (aka earthing) is a practice that connects you energetically with the earth's core. It allows you to remain present and connected with your physical 3-dimensional self on earth. Spiritual grounding essentially uses your physical body as a conductor of the earth's energy.

Uses & Benefits of Grounding

  • Spiritual grounding expels unwanted or excess energy such as from stress, trauma, being rushed, being panicked, angry, clumsy, drained, overwhelmed, overworked, confused, static charge from cars, public and other equipment. (This is the same concept as grounding a house of excess electric charge with a grounding wire). 
  • Spiritual grounding helps to activate an under active root chakra
  • Spiritual grounding is a form of preparation for spiritual practices like meditations, astral projection and healing sessions (for both healers and patients). Essentially, grounding enhances spiritual practices.
  • Spiritual grounding creates a 'bridge' between your physical and spiritual selves. It heightens your awareness that you are still in physical form, ie while you work towards exploring your spiritual self. 
  • Spiritual grounding restores your link with your source.
  • Spiritual grounding may strengthen your awareness that you are here for a purpose

You may be ungrounded if you experience the following repeatedly and are not suffering from illness or other conditions that cause these signs and symptoms.
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  • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, angry, overworked, traumatized, panicked, drained and so on. Thoughts that reflect these feelings.
  • Daydreaming
  • Dizziness
  • Falling asleep during meditation
  • Feeling spaced out
  • Flickering eyes
  • Forgetfulness
  • Light sensitivity
  • Noise sensitivity

Spiritual Grounding Techniques

Some of these techniques may recur as part of others. You may also focus on the intention to  ground yourself while performing these techniques. Also consider centring yourself before (and even after) grounding yourself by pulling together all of your intention, energies and consciousness inwards towards a single area like your hara, heart or third eye chakras.

  • Make direct contact with the earth
Walk barefooted, lie or sit directly on the earth. Your physical body's conductive nature conducts the earth's energy through you thereby charging your body in sync with the earth's tranquil charge.
Some specific ways of making contact are as follows. If you touch the ground with your hands, allow your palms to lay flat on the ground. If you lie down, allow your forehead to make contact. If standing, allow your feet to rest flat on the ground. 
Gardening in general is a grounding activity. 
  • Wear or carry healing crystals
Small pieces or tumbled stone of the following healing crystals will suffice. This works since objects in your environment can influence or be influenced by your energy. Since healing crystals are solid, it is more likely that you will entrain to their higher frequency than the other way around.
Amber, Black opal, Black toumaline, Copper, Hermatite, Obsidian, Red coral, Ruby, Smokey quartz, Tiger iron
I heard that Black toumaline, Black hermatite and Smokey quartz can be used together to make a powerful combination for spiritual grounding.
Beforehand, be sure to program and charge your healing crystals. 
  • Use grounding sounds
Since sound affects one's frequency at a cellular level, using it can be effective for stimulating your root chakra. Examples of grounding sounds include the following. 
Tibetan sound bowls tuned to the C note, binaural rhythms (often available free of cost online or sold in formats that can be used while commuting), toning with your voice (ie getting progressively deep until there is a deep physical vibration in the throat that you hold while focusing on the feeling down your body and legs.
  • Use grounding scents
Grounding scents are like healing crystals in terms of helping you to entrain to their vibration. 
Certain essential oils are ideal for grounding because they carry the energy of the tree. They can be used either alone or in combination. The following oils may be used in a glass  (not plastic) spray bottle. Ideally, bottles should be block light and may therefore be tinted. Amber and cobalt blue are examples. Fill the bottle with pure (not tap) water, a few drops of your chosen essential oil(s) and a grounding crystal. Whenever you need to be grounded, shake and mist the mixture onto yourself, environment.
You could also anoint your chakras, soles of your feet or entire body with the oils by adding these oils to a carrier oil (like sweet almond, olive oil and coconut oil) at a concentration of roughly 1 to 3 drops to 20 ml of carrier oil. You could also add grounding essential oils to personal care products such as skin creams.

To heal negative emotional states like fear, anxiety, stress and so on: 
    Chamomile, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Marjaoram, Rose, Ylang ylang 
    (Notice that these oils do not include very stimulating oils like peppermint).

 To entrain yourself to the earth's energy
    Cedarwood, Cypress, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Rosewood, Sandalwood
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  • Be in the present, Mindfulness
Perform body scans inch by inch starting from your feet. Essentially, you should concentrate your consciousness on your physical body and tuning in to how each part of it feels. 
You may also perform tasks in a very mindful manner. For instance, when you breathe, be aware of where the breath goes.
Be very aware of your environment by engaging as many of your senses.
  • Visualization, spiritual yoga & other grounding forms of meditation
Have your feet or behind on the ground and imagine that you are a tree. Allow your roots to grow out of your feet or tail bone (really through your root chakra starting from the solar plexus chakra and out of your root chakra) and travel deeply into the ground towards the earth's core. Other similar visualizations include an umbilical cord or beam of light that goes into the earth's core. 
Whatever your visualization, whether tree roots, a beam of light or an umbilical cord, know that you are sending energy that you do not need or that is not yours down into the earth for it to cleanse, excess that it will use use before it replenishes your cleansed energy.  That energy channel is much like a mother's umbilical cord that handles food and waste. The exchange is also much like the one occurring between a composting gardener and the earth. Like centipedes, earthworms and other organisms in a gardener's soil, there are spiritual beings that thrive off of cleansing negative energy. 
Do not forget to thank Mother Earth for her healing energy.
Earthy colours are also grounding. Visualize yourself covered by a blanket that has a deep earthy colour such as brown, terracota or red.
Some yoga asanas (ie poses) are grounding and allow you to position your feet and root chakra as described above. While holding the grounding asanas, use the visualization techniques. 
Some grounding yoga asanas that balance the root (muladhara) chakra include the following. 
  • Mountain pose (tadasana) should be incorporated with the tree visualization. Specifically, you connect with mother earth through roots that extend from your feet while acknowledging father sky with your crown chakra.
  • Warrior 2 pose (virabhadrasana 2) should be done with as much concentration as possible. It heals imbalances in the root (muladhara) chakra that activate the fight or flight instinct. This asana emboldens you to face your fears.
  • Standing forward bend (utanasana) helps you to quieten the 'monkey mind', ie anxious, nervous and other stress-related thinking.
  • Bridge pose (setu bandha sarvangasana) creates a bond among our spiritual, emotional and physical beings.  
  • Side angle pose (parsvakonasana). 
  • The gyan hand mudra is calming. It is useful for use during meditations, especially those with intentions to spiritually ground yourself. When your intention is to activate the root chakra, concentrate on your root chakra (between your anus and genitals) and chant LAM.
While practicing yoga pranayamas (ie yoga breathing exercises), practice mindfulness (discussed above). In other words, incorporate the techniques as much as possible to heighten the effect. For instance, while practicing yoga, wear grounding fragrances (discussed above) while wearing grounding crystals (also discussed above). Even when holding asanas (yoga poses) that are not renowned to be the king of all grounding poses, use visualization. For instance, if performed with grounding in mind, you will ensure that your hands and feet are flat on the ground while holding the downward dog pose (even though that asana is renowned for other benefits).
    • Connecting to Source
    Connect to both Mother Earth through visualization as discussed above while also connecting to the cosmos. For instance, in addition to sending roots or an umbilical cord down to the earth's core from the solar plexus chakra, you could also send a beam up through your higher chakras to the galactic universal centre. While doing this, you could do breathing and traveling exercises through the earth and cosmos to allow their life forces to re-enter your consciousness. 
    Rather than sending the energy channels outwards from their bodies, some people call the earth's energy upwards and the cosmic energy downwards to them.
    • Eating grounding foods
    Root vegetables are grounding foods. For instance, use sweet potatoes (see sweet potato recipe), carrots, beets (see pink pancake recipe) and so on. 
    • Connect with grounding colours
    In addition to colour visualization (as discussed in this list), consider wearing grounding colours. The most common grounding colour is red because it is associated with the root chakra. However, other grounding colours include earth tones like browns and even black.
    • Human grounding
    We can be influenced by others. In that case, try to remain around grounded people. If possible, make physical contact or do grounding exercises with the more grounded person. 
    For instance, hold the palms of that person's hands. 
    Another option is to allow the grounded person to walk up behind you and then place his / her palm onto your occipital ridge (the point at the back of your head where the base of the skull meets the spine).
    • Sea salt cleansing
    Take sea salt baths for at least 20 minutes. If you live close to a beach, soak in the sea. Otherwise, soak in your bath tub with sea salts.

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