Soursop leaves as a natural anticancer & diabetes treatment

Soursop leaves are a rich source of many nutrients that include but not limited to calcium, protein, vitamins A and B1 and B2. Although the benefits of the soursop can be derived by eating the fruit, eating the fruit is most effective for basic prevention. However, making teas from the leaves (fresh or dried) and, as an option, with a small piece of stem is used for healing several conditions, the most common and documented of which is cancer. 
Fortunately, soursop leaf tea has a wonderful fruity taste and can be consumed either hot or cold. You may however sweeten soursop leaf tea with honey (but not sugar).


  • Research by the National Cancer Institute (in the US) shows that soursop leaves destroy cancer cells. In fact, soursop leaf tea is deemed many times more effective as an anticancer treatment than chemotherapy. Soursop leaves are therefore an all natural alternative to chemotherapy. Thus far, all such known tests have shown given these results and studied cancers of the prostate, pancreas and lungs. Roughly 10 soursop leaves may be used to make a daily anti-cancer tea for about a month by boiling the leaves in 3 cups of uncovered water over a medium heat until the water is reduced to a cup. Consume the soursop leaf tea within 8 hours afterwards. In short, soursop leaves are an effective natural method for treating cancer, without chemotherapy. Hooray! This is such exciting news. It's been kept secret for long but no more. So cheers and take control!
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  • Soursop leaves may also stabilise your blood sugar level.
  • Soursop leaves are used to boost the immune system and prevent infections. Daily immunity boost tea from soursop leaves can be made by boiling roughly 5 soursop leaves in 3.5 cups of uncovered water until the water is reduced to about a cup.
  • Using teas made of soursop leaves are also used to promote overall good health and confort. For instance, sour soup leaves are known to enhance digestion, lower high blood pressure, inhibit the growth of intestinal parasites and treat rheumatic diseases (as seen in elderly people).
  • The uric acid content in soursop leaves in teas often helps to treat gout. Daily soursop leaf teas are made a little stronger than the others by boiling roughly 10 soursop leaves in 2 cups of uncovered water until the water is reduced to a cup.
  • Soursop leaves can be used topically for skin care. For instance, soursop leaves can treat boils and  eczema by crushing the leaves and placing them on the affected area.


As with anything else, there are certain circumstances in which using soursop leaves is not advisable. Take the time to do some research about your personal health concerns. Here are some contraindications. 
  • Since soursop leaves are hypo-tensive (i.e. they reduce blood pressure), they should be avoided by people who suffer low blood pressure. Hypertensives who are taking medication should discuss their use of soursop and possible adjustments of their medication with their doctor so as to avoid problems with low blood pressure.
  • Soursop leaves should not be used during pregnancy since it has been shown to be a uterine stimulant (in rats)
  • Since soursop leaves are antimicrobial, prolonged use may reduce the population of good bacteria, aka probiotics needed for proper digestion. If you have such concerns, consider using probiotic-rich foods and or supplements along with soursop leaves.
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