Psychic cords & Psychic Vampirism, Solutions for Psychic Vampires and Victims

What are Psychic Cords and Energetic / Psychic Vampirism?

Although human beings should ideally access energy from the limitless universal source, they also access energy through energetic cords (aka psychic cords) from others. Like umbilical cords, psychic cords are connections that transmit energy between individuals. Not surprisingly, the first psychic connection exists as a necessity between parents and babies, ie until those children develop energetic independence a bit later in life. It is for this reason that parents are often telepathically aware of their children's emotional states even when the latter are unable to communicate in words. 

However, psychic cords develop between individuals outside of the parent - child relationship and last for varying periods. For instance, they may last for only a few minutes during casual interactions between strangers or years during long term relationships between lovers, work colleagues, adult children with their parents and so on. 

The West is starting to recognise the reality of energetic connections between people. For instance, the Parapsychology Foundation of New York and Athens State University (then a college) scientifically observed auras and found that they may be affected by those of others just through interaction. In fact, aura photography even showed how auric fields can expand or constrict according to positive or negative interactions respectively.

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Unfortunately, many people are unused to exploiting the limitless source of universal energy and see cording as a necessity. In other words, psychic vampirism occurs when the vampire lacks faith in the limitless nature of universal "source" energy. Unaware of their spiritual power to access this energy, they feel a need to steal energy from others. 

However, psychic cords outside of the parent-baby relationship are not necessarily detrimental. For instance, mutual energetic exchanges can occur between adults. For the sake of differentiation, some energy workers call them 'connections' (and not 'psychic cords'). Such 'connections' may exist when relationships are truly loving. 

However, when psychic cords are created out of fear, they have negative effects because psychic vampirism is parasitic as the vampire drains life force energy from the victim. The Hollywood version of a blood drinking vampire is merely a physical depiction of what can occur energetically in daily life.

Very common examples include needs to control others through fear that there is insufficient for everyone and hurtful tactics among people through fear of loneliness or rejection. These examples play out in apparently 'little' situations like putting others down, subtle or overt shows of power over others, unfair blame that might even involve forcing victims to apologize, needs to be right in needless arguments and so on. These examples often occur without provocation. Read about the psychopathy phenomenon.

Extreme cases occur through feelings of numbness and meaningless on the part of the vampire who resorts to activities like rape, murder and so on to feel something. 

On the receiving end of vampirism, victims often feel drained, out of sorts, even depressed or have a knowing that something is off.

Identity & Responsibility of Psychic Vampires & Victims

To varying degrees, we are all vampires. 

The most extreme cases are those in which people are less self-aware, less evolved beings, mostly driven by baser ambitions like money and physical survival. They perceive scarcity and therefore believe that their survival must mean take from others before others take from them. As long as they receive the energy that they crave, they are less inclined to evolve in consciousness. 

Subconsciously, vampires may see themselves as givers. In fact, some vampires may even invest much effort in presenting themselves in the public eye as charitable people, good corporate citizens and so on. 

Most blatant forms of vampirism between individuals include planned sabotage, intimidation, harsh words and defamation that essentially disturb the victim's energy. 

However, vampirism does not exist only between individuals. It can also involve any combination individuals and groups on either end of the relationship. Examples include group discrimination-driven scapegoating based on ethnicity, age, gender and so on. Single individuals may be a vampire to whole groups when relationships exist between persons of relative power on one hand (like corporate, religious or political leaders) and the victims on the other hand (like groups of the vampire's devotees). Employees from ill informed secretaries to influential CEOs of large corporations collectively contribute energy, however small, to support vampirism on the victim with whom that otherwise non-existent 'corporation' interacts.    

There is sometimes a thin line between the identity of a psychic vampire and victim. For instance and arguably, victims who suffer some form of traumatic stress disorder create such inner conflict that the hurt part of themselves becomes a vampire to the other part that wishes to have a happy life without the burden of trauma.

Victims may share some responsibility for their victimhood. This argument is the other side of the vampirism mirror. Specifically, the victim often suffers the same malady as their psychic vampires, i.e. fearfulness or feelings of lack. The only thing that differentiates a victim from a psychic vampire is her outward reaction to this malady.

For instance, a victim whose deepest issues involve feelings of of abandonment and lovelessness may open herself to relationships just to fill a void. The ideal would have been to learn how to fill the void herself and through source energy. It would only be after this point of being more whole that she could expect to attract relationships with better potential. Until she conforms to the ideal, she is likely to keep attracting victimhood to herself.

In other cases, victimhood may be driven by an ego that needs to meet a self concept of being morally good, the one who is victim to the morally bad other. 

In either situation, the victim sends out energetic signals of her deeper thoughts. Although she will argue that she absolutely hates victimisation, and she does, she may be so unaware of her deeper mental processes that her subtle actions and words speak otherwise to those whose energetic makeup are such that they are inclined to respond as vampires to her subconscious signals. This is how the law of attraction works. Read about how psychopaths are attracted to victims at the subconscious level.

In some cases, empaths can be victims as they tend to give away positive energy and receive negative energy indiscriminately. Empaths need to learn how to protect themselves. In fact, some professions (like healers and counsellors may involve empathy. If not managed, professional empathy can encourage victimhood. Indigos are often empathic. When they experience a 'dark night of the soul', along with all the challenges of uncontrolled empathy, they could easily become emotional needy towards the outside world and also become psychic vampires.
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In extreme cases, victims attract the quintessential willing and able vampires, narcissists and psychopaths. Examples of these highly toxic relationships exist between narcissistic and or psychopathic people of relative power over empathic subordinates like parents and children, bosses and subordinates and so on.

Does it seem harsh to offer examples that include an empathic child? This was my personal struggle some time ago when some 'new agers' told me that I was responsible for the abuse to which I was subjected as a baby and child. That suggestion was extremely hurtful when I had not yet even understood the concept of the soul contracts that are established before birth. Although I struggle with the concept from time to time, it is the only thing that has offered me some understanding and consolation about my many forms of victimhood that most of the paragraphs above touch on. In fact, because of my learned victimhood and difficult circumstances, I even became a vampire by virtue of my neediness and desperation. For instance, I opened myself without boundaries and over eagerly sought family in a society that is generally averse to adoption. I was subconsciously attracting vampires in friends, the opposite sex and even employers

The solution for psychic vampirism
The solution for energetic vampirism involves mental alchemy. 

It requires looking not only at the situations of victimhood but more importantly your perceptions of yourself and life. For instance, below your victimhood, you may feel unlovable, imperfect and so on. One part of the solution for psychic vampirism (either as the vampire or victim) therefore calls for deep and objective introspection that should be followed by mindful action and emotion management. This is absolutely necessary for long term resolution. 

In the interim, another solution is psychic cord cutting. Cord cutting is relatively easy to implement and can be done immediately. However, cord cutting should be done along with other techniques in order to be effective over time.

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