Fluoride Detox

Previously, we published a comprehensive article regarding the poisoning dangers of fluoride. However, this article seeks to go further by mentioning a few natural ways of treating such dangers of fluoride, ie outside our earlier mention of Crown Berkey water filters. As always, we will be delighted for your feedback and additions.
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Fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is said to be most available in organic ground provisions since non-organic farming destroys fulvic acid in the soil.

Blackstrap Molasses
Other sources are said to be blackstrap molasses and nori sea weed. By the way, blackstrap molasses is one of Miss C's heroes.

Specifically, it offers multiple healthful side effects that, among other things, include relieving Premenstrual Syndrome / PMS and 'ADHD' symptoms and stabilizes blood sugar levels. It is so nutritious that she also adds it to soups and even her protein health bar recipe.

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Diatmonaceous Earth (DE). DE has been said to gently remove fluoride from the body while providing healthful sides effects (that include parasite cleansing, heavy metal chelation and more).

Coffee enemas. Daily cleansing is done chiefly by the liver. Consequently, liver cleansing is especially important in fluoride detoxification. Coffee enemas are used for this purpose. Click here to learn how I do coffee enemas at home.
Sour tamarinds. According to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Journal Research in Veterinary Science, tamarind captures and flushes fluoride poisons. Tamarinds are abundant during tropical dry seasons, especially during April. While these benefits clearly apply to sour tamarinds (often used in Asian cooking for tartness), I am unsure whether they (the benefits) also extends to 'sweet' tamarinds.

Magnesium-rich foods. Foods rich in magnesium block cellular absorption of fluoride. Such foods include dark leafy greens (like Swiss chard with very high levels and kale), mackerel and whole grains (like quinoa with high levels and brown rice)

Turmeric. Pharmacognosy Magazine suggests that turmeric can not only prevent but also reverse preexisting harmful effects of fluoride.

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