No flush for Master Cleanse Salt Water Flush & Kidney Health

From time to time, friends join me for my customized cleanse programs. Some of my protégés opt for fasting and using the salt water flush (SWF). This post is inspired by a question posed by one such person. She inquired about the success rate of the SWF.
The salt water flush (SWF) involves drinking a specific saline solution that is followed by a bowel movement of that still unabsorbed solution along with intestinal waste within usually 45 minutes. This bowel movement is often called a ‘flush’. While this process is straightforward and generally works without a problem, some people may experience a ‘no flush’.

Cleanses can be diagnostic

There are several possible reasons. Read about edema that may (not) indicate unhealthy kidneys. However, one reason of particular concern involves stressed or diseased kidneys. It is useful to first note that, among other things, the kidneys balance the body’s salt concentration and fluids. Healthy kidneys do not become overworked by drinking the salt water drink. They leave the salt unabsorbed which in turn allows the solution to scrub and detoxify the colon. Conversely, unhealthy kidneys may absorb the salt and, in turn, prevent a flush.

Furthermore, a no flush is a sign that cleansing is not likely to occur as required. This is specifically because the kidneys are a final point of filtration and detoxification. Kidney cleansing and general health should therefore be among the earliest objectives when undertaking any cleansing program.

What to do if you experience a ‘no flush’

  • Do not drink any more salt water, particularly if you already suffer from diabetes and or hypertension. Some master cleanse practitioners suggest altering the amount of salt. However, I suggest avoiding this either immediately or at all. If the SWF is somehow unsuitable for your body either on one attempt or in general, it is best to allow your body to rest and process the extra un-evacuated salt before proceeding further. After all, holding excessive amounts of salt is likely to further overwork your kidneys in another of its functions, ie to filter waste from the blood and drain in out via urine. Clearly, this is counterproductive in a detox. Cleansing with naturopathic control involves sympathetically listening to the needs of the body and applying ‘no harm’. In short, that means reacting as though the kidneys were children, not through bullying them for being stubborn but tending to a clear need for healing.
  • As an option to fasting, revert to an extra light, cleansing version of the ease-in phase.
  • Make treating the kidneys an immediate priority, especially if you have noticed symptoms that often signal stressed or diseased kidneys (like painful urination, excessive sleep, fatigue, hypertension, insomnia, nausea, loss of appetite, shortened attention span, shortness of breath and itchy skin). For instance, all teas, soups, snacks and so on should exclusively or mostly include ingredients that treat the kidneys. In fact, you may even continue to drink the master cleanse lemonade because its ingredients will help to treat the kidneys. You can even continue to work simultaneously on other phases like parasite cleansing and the liver cleanse. 
  • If you are particularly keen on having a thorough bowel movement, do one or both of two options. Use senna tea as a laxative. Avoid psyllium husk as a laxative. A senna-related bowel movement is likely to occur within a few hours. The second option involves performing enemas with ingredients that are particularly healthful for the kidneys. These ingredients include rhubarb, concha ostrease, dandelion and liquorice.

Treating the kidneys is for the long haul

Natural kidney treatment can improve kidney health and is therefore as important as more popular cleanses of the colon and liver. However, depending on the particular kidney health problem you may have, effective natural kidney treatment may need to extend well beyond a short cleansing period. For instance, this may involve incorporating special attention on the kidneys may into your daily life for several months, or even years before significant improvements are noticeable.

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