How to make DIY Shampoo with Okras & Essential Oils

  • To wash and condition your hair and scalp as frequently as necessary without concern of chemical damage
  • To strengthen the hair and roots and grow the hair (thanks to Niacin and Vitamin C among other nutrients found in okras)
  • To add bounce and volume to your hair (thanks to the mucilage in okras)
  • To take "Naturopathic Control" by avoiding carcinogens and other toxins in commercial alternatives

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  1. Remove the stalks
  2. Chop the okras into small pieces
  3. Boil the okras and water for about 15 minutes on a medium heat. In time, the brew should become slimy and slightly brown
  4. Cool the brew
  5. Strain the brew to separate the liquid from the fiber. The liquid is the base for your shampoo. You may either eat or throw away the remaining fiber.
  6. Add the essential oil (which oil is good for you?)
  7. Apply the shampoo to wet hair.
  8. Massage it in very well (to increase blood circulation)
  9. Rinse to remove the shampoo and dirt

-- --
  • The lather was not foamy like commercial shampoos (since the synthetic foaming agents are not included in this all natural recipe). Instead, the lather feels slippery. Once applied and massaged into hair, it builds body. 

  • After its use, our hair and scalp feel clean. There is no lingering smell and no build up. (Miss C and friend)


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