How to do a Psychic Cord Cutting / Setting a New Soul Contract

What is Psychic Cord Cutting

Psychic cord cutting may be understood in several ways. The simplest way to understand energetic cord cutting is as a process of using intention and visualization to sever psychic cords. (Read about psychic cords and energetic vampirism). However, a broader perspective includes seeing it as a revision to a soul contract with a counter party / ies with the aim of becoming better aligned with your Higher Self and life purpose. 

Furthermore, it should not be seen as the only effective way of severing psychic cords. Specifically, in some cases, the process merely removes the symptom of a deeper problem. If the root problem involves deep seated fears that remain afterwards, new psychic cords are likely to re-establish themselves. Consequently, cord cutting should be seen as only a single part of a multistep process of healing. For instance, if you are cord cutting because you have been a psychic vampire due to fears of rejection and energetic depletion, you will no longer need to vampirize if you take the responsibility of learning how to exploit the infinite energy source and to be mentally stronger. Additionally, victims may resist giving up their energy by learning to control emotional reactions to situations and getting increasingly more powerful that they can no longer be targets. 

How to perform a cord cutting

  1. Before you begin: Become acquainted with all the following stages beforehand. This will give you the opportunity to understand the reason for your cording and formulate your intention more meaningfully.
  2. Identify the counter party: Example, you should have identified a person that has been your energetic vampire. If you have particularly strong and toxic cords, invite energy healers to help you.
  3. Mindset: Establish the right mindset. Specifically, do not be in an angry state. Recognize that you opened yourself up through fear, insecurities, etc ... or that you corded someone else because perhaps you felt that you lacked something. (Read about the responsibilities of victims and vampires). You must be alert. Your intention should be strong. This is an energetic process that requires you to be in a meditative state. In that case, have a quiet place. 
  4. Protection and other participants: Perform protection techniques. For instance, smudge yourself and the environment, say banishing prayers of protection, invite any spirit guides and universal consciousness to participate in the process.
  5. Invitations: Invite your Higher Self. Spend some time connecting with your Higher Self. Then invite the higher self of the other person. (The higher self is perfect and without any undesirable characteristics or needs for the cording). 
  6. Visualize the person, situation, place and so on with whom the cord exists. Hold their image in your mind for a few seconds. Express your intention, i.e. to create a new soul contract.
  7. Discussion: Explain how you have felt all along (whether hurt, energetically depleted, abused, neglected and so on). Send love to the person and the explanation that it was time to cut the cord because the energy no longer needs to be shared. Experience through imagination the other person's agreement as if it has already occurred. Say 'thank you' for the learning experience and agreement for the cord cutting. Explain why the cords do not serve your life's higher purpose. Listen to the other person's response, if one is given. Agree on which cords with this counter party need to be cut - as there may be positive cords of mutual and healthy exchange. 
  8. Cord cutting: Imagine the cord between you and the other person. Visualize the cords. Notice their location regarding the chakras to which they connect, their colour, size and so on. The most powerful suckers are usually those at your solar plexus chakra. Visualize yourself severing the cord with a knife, sword, etc. Ask your inner self to release and dissolve the energetic cords into the light. Remove only those cords that are toxic. If the cord or cords are very hard to cut, state that "I can cut this cord. I cut this cord with good will." When done, seal the connection points (where the cords connected you).
  9. Cellular level cleansing: Release the cutting instrument into the light and then allow the light and water to remove any residual fragments. Shrug off any residues as you would dirty or old clothing. Move away from the old residues. Remove all programing from your cells that allowed the cording. Tell your cells to release the memories and any residual suffering. Take time to experience the cleaner state as if it has already happened.
  10. Goodbyes: Share blessings with the other person.
  11. Fill the void: Invite new positive energies and love from the abundant universe to fill the new void. Learn how to become strong enough to prevent further cording. This involves being very clear about your responsibility as a victim and or vampire in any given cording situation. Do things that raise your vibration. For instance, do something very uplifting to you, like dancing.

How to sustain the effects of a psychic cord cutting

Cord cutting may be considered a kind of initiation or beginning of a new contract between the Higher Selves of you and the counterparty. It is a renowned fact that, your lower self struggles to maintain the modus operandi shortly after initiations

Your chief challenge is therefore to allow your Higher Self to triumph. If you are unsuccessful in this regard, energetic cords can become reestablished by the corder and or the cordee. To sustain the severance, you must become proficient at overcoming the root cause for the cording. It is necessary to take the time to heal fears and old traumas properly so that you no longer feel the need to vampirize on the one hand and or to give away your energy. Empaths and other victims will need to accept that, when they take on others' burdens, they are less capable of helping. Besides, empaths can help others only by guiding people how to become more empowered because to do otherwise will only offer a quick fix and perpetuate dependency. Both vampires and victims should learn the energetic independence that comes with spiritually tapping into the divine source energy. Work diligently at synching your mind, body and spirit according to your intention for your new self.

Start spending quiet time to analyse your personal responsibility in attracting psychic vampirism to your life (whether as a victim or vampire). This is the single most important step in sustaining the effects of cord cutting. Read about how to take control of your mind.
Routinely seek to raise your vibration so that you do no attract situations of vampirism.
While you work on mentally strengthening yourself, you can use the following forms of protection. However, know that the ultimate is to master your mental strength since the following steps will not work alone over the indefinite period.

  • Focus on the desired outcome, i.e. having your Higher Self in control. Whenever you need to be reminded, repeat mantras to indicate your intention. They may sound like this, "My Higher Self is gaining full control. I can rely on Source for all I need."
  • Repeat the psychic cord cutting if the cords remain in tact or become re-established. 
  • Keep distance from the other person. People report suddenly hearing from the counterparty shortly after psychic cord cutting. You must also resist your temptation to re-establish the psychic cords also.
  • Use healing crystals (black tourmaline alone or with amethyst; clear quartz)
  • Use hand poses that trigger relevant energetic channels and send signals to your subconscious mind. 
    • The 'finger interlock' technique. It has been lab tested to protect energy fields. Join the tips of your thumbs with their corresponding middle fingers to form 2 circles. However, these circles should interlock. Do this while envisioning a white impenetrable and protective light around yourself and while affirming that you are energized by the divine and fully protected. It can be done inconspicuously and within a few seconds.
    • Your smallest fingers represent your lower self or 'ego' while the index and middle represent your Higher Self. Allow your index and middle fingers to point upwards while curling the two remaining fingers downwards. Point your thumb upwards also. 
  • As a general note, keep away from environments that breeds vampirism. Although vampirism can occur anywhere, some physical places are renowned for starting vampirism. For instance, hospitals are notorious since it a place in which may people die, some of whom remain earth bound and can easily find vulnerable targets undergoing surgery.
  • I have never personally used it but I have heard that invoking the violet flame within yourself is also useful. Happy to get your feedback if you use it. (See notes below)


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Violet Flame

The violet flame is a divine energy used for spiritual alchemy. Specifically, it transmutes any negative energy at any time, space, level, conscious, etc state.

Uses & Benefits
  • to tune into your true higher self, ie a self-empowered self
  • to prepare yourself to ascend by transmuting low vibrations associated with negative thoughts, emotions and actions into positive ones
  • to cleanse all bodies at the levels of the physical, spiritual, mental and etheric / memory (ie of all experiences in the current and past lives)

The Violet Flame Decree
I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity God desires

1. Bring the violet flame into your body (down through your crown chakra). You may call upon spiritual help (from masters of the light, spirit guides, etc). Allow the violet flame to come down your central meridian. It will stop at the heart chakra.
2. Spin that flame around throughout your entire body. It locates and focuses especially on negative energies that represent what you wish to expel. 
3. Ask the violet flame to transmute the negativity to divine light in all dimensions within the universe, all times at all levels. Ask the flame to fill the voids with divine light.

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