How to identify natural and non-GM produce

Although I have a tropical organic garden, I am forced to seek out store-bought organic and non-GM fruits and vegetables on occasion. However, I have had to figure out how to maintain a healthy diet by learning how to identify natural and organic fruits and vegetables. Here is how!

Non-GM, natural and even GM produce are often labelled with stickers (on their peel). These labels carry product lookup (PLU) numeric codes. See below how to identify GMO versus organic fruits and vegetables with these PLU codes. I am particularly careful to choose imported produce with non-GM labels for the ease-in and ease-out stages of my cleanse plan (tropical version).
How to avoid GM produce
This is an organically grown or non-GM cantaloupe. The '9' allows you to identify that it is organic.
PLU code with 3 or 4 digits: grown conventionally, i.e. with pesticides. For instance, 4011 is the PLU code for bananas, 4014 for oranges, 4050 for cantaloupes and so on.

5 digits, first digit  starts with '8': genetically modified / GM. For instance, the 8 in the beginning of the PLU code 84011 is how to know the produce was genetically modified.

5 digits, first digit starts with '9': organically grown. For instance, the 9 in the beginning of the PLU codes 94011 or 94050 is how to know fruits and vegetables were organically grown

If you find this hard to remember, consider this rhyme. 

4 no more
8 I hate
but 9 is fine!


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