Substitute for Lemonade Diet (With the Master Cleanse)

This is time for a confession. I am currently doing my quarterly fast & cleanse and substituted my tropical version of the traditional lemonade diet 2 days ago. However, I feel great and therefore have no remorse.

My body would no longer tolerate the acidity of the lemons and cayenne pepper of the lemonade in the master cleanse. That was quite a dilemma for me because, on one hand, I did not want to prematurely switch to regular food. Specifically, my rationale was that the colon cleansing, especially the garlic enemas would remove not only bad but also good bacteria that aids in digestion. I wanted to find a solution quickly and could not do the usual ease-out process to adequately prepare my body for solid food. How else could I nourish myself and get calories?

Moringa is so nutritionally dense that it is considered a superfood. Thankfully, I have learnt how to grow moringa from seed in my tropical organic garden and happen to have only recently bought a tea pot to brew the many healthful leaves that grow abundantly in my garden.
How to Use Moringa as a Substitute for Lemonade Diet (With the Master Cleanse)
My Substitute for Lemonade Diet (With the Master Cleanse): Moringa tea (with other leaves for flavor).  Buy this tea pot (by Primula). It steeps up to 5 cups. 
So I decided that steeping moringa leaves would be a suitable way of getting nutrition in liquid form. Besides, I figured, the nutrition from moringa clearly exceeds what I would have gotten from the lemonade. Regarding the calories, I sweetened the moringa tea as normal (whether with traditional grade B maple syrup or tropical alternative sweeteners. In the end, I feel very good about having made this switch. Besides, I now have 4 established moringa plants but only one dwarf citrus plant. Needless to say, I have therefore had to buy lots of expensive imported lemons that, and here is my other confession, are rarely organic or non-genetically modified (non-GM). (See how to identify non-GM produce). Using moringa appears to be an overall better approach for me. I may consider making this substitute for the lemonade a permanent change to my cleanse plan.


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