Highly Sensitive People HSP Wellness Solutions

Highly sensitive people / HSPs experience stress to a more intense degree than normal. Using these nutrients may help HSPs to manage stress better.

  • Magnesium
    • Stress depletes your body of much needed magnesium much faster than usual during stressful situations. This is because your body recognizes that magnesium calms stress. However, one consequence of this is that your cortisol levels rise. Magnesium is in many cases even more powerful than drugs. In fact, it is the common go-to substance for many emergency, including life-threatening situations in hospitals.
    • You may have deficiency in magnesium if you suffer any of the following signs and symptoms
      • anxiety
      • irritability, including irritability associated with loud sounds
      • muscle cramps or twitches
      • muscle spasms, including menstrual cramps and anal spasms
      • heart palpitations
      • angina
      • chronic fatigue
      • diabetes
      • obesity
      • hypertension
      • osteoporosis
      • PMS, menstrual cramps
      • difficulty swallowing
    • Magnesium is a relaxant. It therefore controls muscle cramps and therefore useful for the msucular tension HSPs experience. 
    • Magnesium controls anxiety, depression, irritability and nervous tics and twitches
    • Sources of magnesium. epsom salts in salt baths, spinach, pumpkin seeds, mineral water (that has the natural bitter taste), brown rice, barley, almonds, Mediterranean figs, dark chocolate, wheat bran, avocado, tofu, soy beans, collard greens, garlic, potato skins and easy-to-absorb supplements with a daily requirement of 300 mg (for a regular non-HSP person). Avoid poorly absorbed forms of magnesium like carbonates, sulphates, oxides and gluconates. NB also that magnesium considered to be generally difficult to absorb through the GI tract. It can however be more easily absorbed through the skin. If you have kidney or severe heart disease, be particularly careful when increasing your magnesium intake. 
  • B Complex
    • B Complex supports the nervous system, cardiovasular system and digestion (a common problem for people with anxiety problems)
    • Sources of vitamin B complex: avocado, spinac, sunflower seeds, dark vegetable greens
  • Herbs like valerium
    • Valerium is a sedative and relaxant. It generally supports the nervous system.
  • Vitamin C
    • Since your immunity weakens during periods of stress, vitamin C is useful for protecting yourself against infections

Other general tips
  • Maintain a low glycemic diet. Avoid excessive sugar
  • Use the minerals in pink Himalayan sea salt to help your body to better absorb water and thereby prevent dehydration. 

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