How to do a colon cleanse with aloe vera

How to do a colon cleanse with aloe vera

  • Aloe vera is a safe way of cleaning the gastrointestinal tract. It flushes out toxic fecal accumulation that had built up over years.
  • It heals and rebuilds the cells in the gastrointestinal tract while cleaning
  • It rids the digestive gastrointestinal tract of excesses in harmful flora like yeast and unfriendly bacteria
  • Before her naturopathic journey, Miss C had had “low enzyme activity”. Her naturopathic doctor prescribed aloe vera juice which helped with that. With greater enzymes activity, food can change chemically so that we could absorb their nutrients.
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  • Ultimately, cleaning the gastrointestinal tract improves how well it functions. For instance, toxic build up will no longer prevent your body from absorbing the nutrients that you eat
  • Good for occasional use to treat digestive problems like constipation
  • Other health giving side effects: It is nutritional. Specifically, it provides many vitamins that include A, various types of B, C and E. It also provides minerals that include calcium, magnesium and zinc. It also improves immunity, metabolism, blood oxygenation and the production of antibodies to fight diseases. These benefits are largely attributed to its many health giving amino acids. It provides overall good health not only since a cleaner body is better able to heal and maintain itself but also because it is an adaptogenic (ie it regulates the body's systems). For example, whether you suffer from high or low blood pressure, aloe vera regulates it to normal, healthy levels. Furthermore, you look and feel better. You may lose excess weight, balance excess blood sugar, get less headaches, get healthier skin and hair. It fights and prevents viral infections that, among other things include the common cold.
  • An aloe vera leaf (the more mature, the better)
We prefer getting the leaf from the plant over using the commercial type. There is added value in eating something that we cut only a few minutes earlier. To our knowledge, commercial aloe vera is mostly pasteurized and can lose some of its nutritional. We also wonder about the method of transportation to market and storage periods. Please let us know your thoughts on this matter.
  • Lemonade or orange juice
The sweetness of the juice is useful for eliminating the natural bitter taste of the aloe vera
  • Cling wrap (optional)

  • Ensure that the juice is sufficiently sweet and set it aside. Adjust the sweetness according to taste.
  • Cut off the piece of the aloe vera leaf that you will use. When you start, you may start with about 2-3 cm. Over time, increase this quantity. Your tolerance for the bitterness of natural aloe vera will increase in time and you may not need the juice to be too sweet.
  • Wash the skin of the leaf thoroughly with a dedicated food sponge
  • Remove the sharp thorny side edges
  • Rinse the piece of aloe vera with cold water to remove any excess gel
  • Add the aloe vera to the juice in one of several ways: (1) Blend it. However, you are more likely to taste the bitterness of the natural aloe vera gel; (2) If you are new to this, you may remove the skin. Cut the aloe vera gel into tiny pieces and add those pieces of aloe vera into the juice without stirring. Rather than throw away the skins, you can rub the inside part of the skin over your face as a moisturizer; (3) After getting used to taking aloe vera, chop up the aloe vera into as tiny pieces as possible with the skin still intact. Note that, if you leave the skin on, the purging effect can be stronger. Add the tiny pieces of aloe vera into the juice without stirring.
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  • Drink the juice
  • Place the remainder of aloe vera in a container that can support it in a vertical position where the cut side is upwards. The cut section may start to heal and seal off the gel inside within a few minutes. However, if the leaf is extremely succulent and not healing as quickly, you may also cover the exposed section with a piece of cling wrap that is large enough to seal the cut.
  • Feel free to continue to use aloe vera gel routinely even after the cleanse period.

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- Leave in Conditioner
- Conditioning gel / mousse
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