MSM Sulfur for Hair Growth

MSM Sulfur for Hair Growth - Ingredients

  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 'Sulfur powder', equal amount to water
    • NB, unlike regular sulfur powder, MSM sulphur is water solluble and odor free. MSM exists naturally in vegetable and meat. However, since MSM is destroyed through even minimal food processing like heat and dehydration, it is not easily attainable unless one eats raw food. MSM is good for overall health. For instance, MSM is said to be anti-inflammatory, antiatherosclerotic, chemopreventative and free radical scavenging. Furthermore, it has been reported to alleviate problems related to allergies, arthritis, GI tract upset and musculoskeletal pain. MSM has also been reported to grow and strengthen finger nails. There are no known negative side effects or signs of toxicity.
  • cool water, equal amount as sulfur powder
  • Optional: ginger powder
  • Optional: oils that promote hair growth: rosemary oil, jojoba oil
  • applicator bottle
  • aloe gel (or other conditioner)

Steps for using MSM sulfur for hair growth

  • Steep the MSM sulfur in the cool water. Do not use hot water since MSM is easily damaged in heat.
  • When the sulfur has dissolved, add other ingredients and shake well
  • Apply the MSM sulfur directly onto the scalp with the appicator bottle
  • Massage the MSM sulfur into the scalp
  • You may even use MSM orally. However, start with small doses and drink lots of water. Ask your doctor about a prescribed dosage. Many people start at roughly 5g and then work your way up since users have reported headaches  and acne breakouts.


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