Cleansing Enemas & Herbal Enemas

What is an enema?

Enemas are a form of colon irrigation from the anus with solutions that are most commonly water-based. They are used for the purpose of flushing out the colon and healing.

How effective are enemas (when compared with ingested cleansing alternative)?

Enemas (whether cleansing enemas or herbal enemas) expose active substances to the intestinal tract and blood stream more efficiently than the ingestion method. For instance, herbs are immediately and directly absorbed through the intestinal walls. In other words, these active substances do not lose potency or become destroyed as they would by the gastric juices when swallowed. 

2 Types of Enema

Enemas may be classified into 2 categories, 1) cleansing and 2) herbal (for healing or treating specific organs). Generally, cleansing enemas are administered first. This enhances absorption during subsequent herbal enemas. In summary, the most common are as follows.

  1. Cleansing Enemas: Acidophilus Enema, Coffee Enema, Epsom Salt Enema, Lemon Juice Enema, Milk & Molasses Enema, Salt Water Enema
  2. Herbal Enema: Aloe vera enema, Garlic enema, Neem Enema

How to administer an enema

Before administering an herbal enema, do a cleansing enema to remove as much fecal matter as possible. This is ideal for enhancing your level of absorption.

You will need:

  • Filtered water (chlorine-free water) at body temperature of roughly 37 degrees C (99 degrees F). If you can, invest in a high quality water filter. Why cleanse to remove toxins with contaminated water? Read a short description of the superior specifications of Crown Berkey systems. (They remove fluoride and much more than average filters)
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  • Other ingredients (as per the enema recipes below)
  • towels to lie on to absorb spills (just in case)
  • entertainment while you hold the enema (a book, music and so on)
  • timer
  • an oil vaporizer to burn essential peppermint oil to disinfect the air (Optional)
  • massage oil. If you wish to massage your stomach, a massage oil will reduce the friction. (Optional)

Steps (for a DIY enema):
  1. Be sure that you have no contraindications for taking enemas
  2. Prepare yourself physically, your space and equipment. The following are examples.
    1. Drink lot of fluids some hours beforehand
    2. You are likely to be naked from the waist down during the enema process. In that case, prepare a space appropriately regarding privacy, temperature and so on
    3. For most solutions, the enema bag should be suspended about 45 cm / 1.5 feet above your anus. (BTW, higher elevations increase the flow pressure). Most door handles offer an ideal height if you lie on the ground.
  3. Choose a type of enema based on your reasons for using enemas. For instance, if you wish to cleanse your colon by enema for the first time, consider a sea salt enema. It is also advisable to use cleansing enemas before herbal enemas to enhance the absorption of herbs in herbal enemas. (See recipes for cleansing enemas and herbal enemas) 
  4. Use the cleansing enema and herbal enema recipes below as guides. You will notice that, as time passes when you are on a cleansing program that involves fasting, your body will be able to accept more liquid than otherwise. In that case, you may alter the volumes up (or downwards). For first timers, your solution may start with as little as 2 cups of water. Many doctors believe that enemas can only be truly effective if they are high-volume enemas (of roughly 17 to 25 cups). High-volume enemas can give the same experiences as professional colonics. As with professional colonics, many believe that high-volume enemas should be repeated within single sessions until bowel movements are clear. However, listen to your body regarding its limit of repeats within a session. For instance, if you just feel too exhausted, stop.
  5. If you are doing a high-volume enema and or repeats within a single session, have the solution prepared beforehand. 
  6. If possible, prepare to have the enema on an empty stomach and after a bowel movement. This is mostly a matter of comfort and an attempt to minimize nausea.
  7. Before beginning, decide on a position that you can hold comfortably for at least 5 minutes as you administer the enema. Most people find lying on the left side easiest while administering the enema with the right hand. Do a dry run, ensuring that you can easily hold the clamp to hold the nozzle in place and adjust the clamp for flow.
  8. Remove air pockets in the tube of the enema bagDo this by allowing some of the enema solution to flow through and out of the tube (into a sink) before clamping it closed again.
  9. Lubricate the nozzle and anus with a natural oil like olive or coconut oil.
  10. Gently and slowly insert the nozzle up to about 3 inches along the natural channel of your anus. 
  11. Relax your body as much as possible. It is likely that your first flush will not accommodate too much liquid. This is to be expected especially if you are constipated. In such cases, repeats will usually allow you to receive more enema solution.
  12. Stop the flow just before the tube runs out of the enema solution. This prevents air from entering into the anus
  13. Hold enemas for as long as possible between 10 to 15 minutes for cleansing enemas and between 15 and 45 minutes for herbal enemas.
    1. Massage in a non-peristalsis direction, ie massage upwards on your left side, from left to right at the top of your intestinal area, then down to the level of your navel. This helps to push the enema solution upward through your larger intestines.
    2. If possible, change position after a few minutes. The positions are your left side, back, right side and, if possible, your stomach
  14. Evacuate when you have completed the required time and or when you can no longer hold the enema. To help with evacuation, use the nauli yogic technique.
  15. As an option, end with a small acidophilus enema (to replenish beneficial bacteria that were flushed out along with harmful bacteria during the cleansing process). Do this especially if you frequently administer other (non-acidophilus) enemas.
  16. After your final of several repeat injections of enema solution, replenish the electrolytes in your body. To replenish electrolytes, drink water with a pinch of sea salt.
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List of Cleansing Enemas 

(in alphabetical order)
Acidophilus Enema recipe
Healthful benefits: This is used for removing excess fecal matter from and introducing beneficial bacteria into the gastrointestinal tract.

  • 1tsp powdered acidophilus / 4 tbsp probiotic yogurt
  • 8.5 cups water

Coffee Enema recipe
Healthful benefits: Liver detoxification (removes toxic bile); relieve any illness impacted by compromise to the body's natural ability to heal as a liver detox is essentially a form of dialysis (ie a process of blood purification); to reduce edema; to treat eczema (and many other skin disease). For an intolerance of coffee enemas, consider replacing or combining (with roughly 50%) coffee enemas with chamomile tea enemas. For instance, coffee enemas may trigger colitis in some people. (See details of chamomile enemas on this page). This enema is commonly used as part of a full liver and gall bladder flush program.

Combine coffee and cold water. Boil for 3 minutes in an uncovered stainless steel or glass pot. Lower heat and simmer for roughly 15 minutes. Cool, filter and administer. Repeat roughly 5 hours later to remove excess bile that might not have been expelled. Consequently, start administering the first of these enemas as early as possible in the day if you are sensitive to caffeine. Advice varies considerably regarding the frequency of using this type of enema. While some experts recommend numerous repeats over an extended period, others advise against administering coffee enemas continually beyond 4 weeks as they may deplete some of your body's vitamins and minerals.

Epsom salts enema
Healthful benefits: thorough colon cleansing, relieves constipation.

Do NOT use epsom salts enemas if you are vomiting, nauseous and or experience stomach pain. Tread with caution since, in rare cases, swallowed epsom salts have lead to death where the body absorbed too much magnesium sulphate.

Lemon Juice Enema

Healthful benefits: Quickly relieves colitis (inflammation of the inner colon walls); relieves constipation
  • 2/3 cup freshly squeezed and filtered lemon juice (use less if you have irritation and cramping concerns with lemon juice enemas)
  • 8.5 cups water

Milk and Molasses Enema

Healthful benefits: Very thorough (even explosive for some) colon cleanse,
  • 1 to 2 cups whole milk (proportionally equal to other ingredient)
  • 1 to 2 cups blackstrap molasses (proportionally equal to other ingredient)

Thoroughly mix blackstrap molasses into warm milk. Cool and administer quickly and from a higher than normal enema bag (given the greater viscosity of this enema fluid). (May cause cramping and be difficult to hold for long periods).

Baking Soda & Salt Enema

Healthful benefits: Neutralizes excess colon acidity, heals colon ulcers caused by excess acidity.

Use this enema infrequently since it could lead to excess colon alkalinity. The colon should be mildly acidic.

Sea Salt Water Enema

Healthful benefits: Most comfortable enema to remove old fecal matter (because, when compared with other enemas, it can usually be retained longer of up to roughly 40 minutes. It also does not draw water back and forth between the colon and rest of the body and does not deplete the body of electrolytes). It is therefore ideal for persons new to enemas.

Herbal Enemas

Chamomile Tea Enema

Healthful benefits: To soothe and relax contracted muscles; to treat anxiety and insomnia; to treat Crohn's disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS)Colitis and PolypA chamomile tea enema can be used by people with an intolerance for coffee enemas (with reactions that may include colitis). It may replace or be combined with a coffee enema. A common combination between chamomile and coffee is 50% each. 

  • Chamomile tea
This ingredient is so 'neutral' that it may even be drunk in addition to being taken rectally.

Garlic Enema

Healthful benefits: To eliminate intestinal parasites, reduce candida in the colon; to remove mucous in the colon. The garlic enema is considerably more potent than eating garlic.

  • up to 5 cloves of garlic (for acute parasite infestations, reduce severe die-off by starting with 1 clove and increasing by 1 daily)
  • 8.5 cups water
Crush the garlic. Allow to stand in water for as long as possible, between 15 minutes and overnight. Strain and administer. If you administer this over a period, you may significantly reduce good bacteria and need to follow with an acidophilus enema in the end.

Kidney Enema

Dandelion helps to clean the kidneys. I steeped the chopped dandelion root in boiling hot water, allowed it to cool and strained before administering it as an enema. Other kidney-friendly herbs include rhubarb, concha ostrease and liquorice. However, I have only ever used dandelion. As mentioned otherwise, the salt water flush (and salt water enema) may not be ideal for those with kidney health concerns. Read more. Since herbal flushes are more effective if preceded by cleansing enemas, consider the lemon juice enema if your kidney health is a concern.

  • 3 tbsp Dandelion root, chopped
  • 4 cups water

Neem Enema

Healthful benefits: To stimulate the immune system, to purify the blood, to eliminate intestinal parasites, to remedy skin conditions

  • 1 tbsp neem powder (OR handful of neem leaves)
  • 8.5 cups water
Steep neem in boiling hot water. Strain and administer.

Aloe Enema
Healthful benefits: Soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory. Read about how aloe vera can also be used orally for colon cleansing and its benefits which, among other things includes reducing sugar from the body which is ideal for those suffering from diabetes


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